Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 9, Ecuadorian Equinox

We broke camp after breakfast and hiked slowly up hill all day gaining in altitude. Finally at about 3200 meters we broke through the tree line in the early afternoon and scouted for a campsite. We were also looking for the types of mosses that would be likely to contain Teagueia. It didn’t take us long to find both. Oscar found a lovely pristine pool of spring fed water large enough for the three of us to sit in. It was surrounded by the very mosses we were looking for as far as the eye could see. What luck! We set up camp immediately. We sure did have our work cut out for us at this location. We radioed in our GPS location and that we would be here for a few days at least.

The first bath was interesting. Again, I got completely naked, as did Oscar and Chuck. We all got into our little pristine pool which had a rock bottom and mossy sides. I was totally engrossed in examining the sides for Teagueia. Chuck was totally engrossed in examining me, and Oscar was totally engrossed with examining Chuck.

“Aha!” I said. “I’ve found some!”

My exclamation caused the boys to jump.

“What?”, said both of the boys in unison.

Teagueia!”, said I.

“Oh.”, said the boys dejectedly.

I prised some of the moss up with my hands, muddying the water in our pool.

“Um, can’t that wait until after our bath?”, said Chuck, vying for a better view of me through the now cloudy water.

“Oh, I guess it could.”

And I left it there.

Later that evening, when were all in our huge zipped together sleeping bag, holding each other as one big spoon, I thought here I am with two men with erections no less, and I am horny as hell. But neither of these men will do. One is gay, and the other is reprehensible. Oh, for a decent man to come along I pined. One who could hold me and screw me until I was too tired to screw any more. I sighed the deepest of sighs.

* * *

In the south, William continued to ail, though he stopped vomiting. He had shortness of breath, headache, and weakness and was unable to get up. So, Austin and José collected Teagueia containing mosses and brought them to him to identify and sort for collection. And so the days and nights passed in the south.

* * *

Another day of successful butterfly hunting and photographing had gone by at base camp.

Giant Owl Butterfly

Blue & red Heliconius

Stunning Metalmark

After dinner Allen had once again drugged Pete’s coffee and Pete had gone out like a light, just like he had the night before.

“Allen. You have to stop drugging Pete. He is going to figure it out. He is not that stupid. He is a trained professional and I am sure he knows what it feels like to be drugged.”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“Bullshit. He is clueless. The drug I am using has no other side effects. No way that he knows. Don’t be such a party pooper.”

“I’m just saying that we should stop after tonight.”

“Oh. And what do you propose that we should do when we want him to leave so that we can have sex?”

“Ask him to leave.”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

“I’ll do better.”

And with that the young explorer went down to his knees and undid Allen’s belt and fly and lowered Allen’s loose cargo pants to his ankles. Allen’s cock was flaccid, but the young explorer used his tongue lick the underside of the helmet into his mouth. Allen leaned up against the tent pole, closed his eyes and sighed. The young explorer brought his hand up to fondle Allen’s balls while he continued to lick and suck on the now hardening Allen’s cock. He began a rhythm with his time tested and proven blow job. He was proud of how he had developed it; it never failed to produce results. But Allen got carried away and put his hands on the young explorer’s head and forced him to go faster than he would have liked. Allen fucked his face; forcing his cock into the young explorer’s mouth and down his throat. The young explorer was having trouble breathing at this rapid a pace. He tried to spit out Allen’s cock, but could not. Allen seemed relentless in his pursuit of his own pleasure. Then, suddenly Allen pulled out and came all over the young explorer’s face. Allen just pulled up his pants and walked away to his own sleeping bag to get some sleep leaving the young explorer unsatisfied.

The young explorer didn’t know what to say. He felt so used. He had conflicting feelings about what had just happened. Was it hot or insulting? Should he take it personally or not? He wiped Allen’s jism off his face and made himself a cup of coffee to settle his nerves. He had to face Allen in the morning and work with him for the rest of the week. He sure would have liked to talk to Sue right about now. She would know just what to say.

* * *

The first thing the next morning at base camp, Pete said to Allen “Dr. Wise, may I have a word with you?”

“Sure Pete, what can I do for you?”, said Allen, worried that Pete addressed him so formally.

“I know that you have been drugging me and that it was in my coffee. Last night I dumped it out instead of drinking it. I only went along with pretending I was drugged to see what you were up to. You could have been up to nefarious deeds. Mr. B was right; I do know when I am drugged because I am a professional. You have underestimated me Dr. Wise. If you wanted privacy for your sex life, you should have just asked as any mature adult would have. But let’s just keep this between us. I wouldn’t want to embarrass Mr. B. He is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve that.”

Dr. Wise blushed. “So you heard us having sex last night?”


“I just don’t know what to say.”

“Say that you are sorry and it will never happen again. Um, I mean the drugging thing.”

“I am sorry I drugged you and I will never do it again.”

“Thank you Dr. Wise. I appreciate that. Nice talking to you.” Then Pete went about his business.

Later that same morning, Mr. Butterfly said to Allen “Allen, may I speak with you a moment?”

Allen sighed deeply and thought to himself that the comeuppances for last evening’s transgressions had only just begun.


about a boy said...

i love mr butterfly. i wish i had his adventures!

thonnibg said...

Love it!
Allen and the young explorer`s "little adventure" makes me swoon.

peter said...

What a tease Allen is.

Let's hope Pete pulls a drugging prank like that on Allen too, so he can have fun with Mr. B.

Doug said...

Poor Butterfly and Sue, I hope they find better choices of men soon. There's got to be somebody worthwhile for them in that crowd.