Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Fair View

Sean and I are staying home this Thanksgiving and I am so bored with turkey and goose that this year I have requested that Sean make his spectacular canard à l'orange. (Sean does virtually all of our cooking. Can I pick a man or what? His Yorkshire pudding is to die for.)

He has always used Julia Child's recipe for the duck and it comes out fabulous every time. The skin is always crispy and tangy with the zest of orange.

He used to use the remainder of the orange and some Grand Marnier to make chocolate mousse. But I have sworn off chocolate now that I have migraines. I suppose we will have to think of something else. Maybe we will make a cake or a pie.

I will be visiting my mother and her new puppy, Vasco, from Monday to Thursday next week, so there will be no posts then. But I will return with lots of photos.

Fair View wishes you all a warm, safe and happy holiday season this Thanksgiving no matter where you live in the World.


Cristiano Mancini said...

The recipe sounds delicious ! and Vasco is too cute ! Happy Thanksgiving Sue , much love , joy and serenity is this day of family reniuon. A big kiss from Jordan!

Ryan said...

just wanted 2 wish u and yours a happy thanksgiving!

thonnibg said...

Happy Thanksgiving,Sue!
You`re really lucky to have Sean!And he`s such a great cook.

Btw Vasco sounds so Bulgarian.He`s adorable!

Lots of kisses

Doug said...

Happy Thanksgiving! The dinner sounds yummy. So does Sean.

peter said...

happy Thanksgiving Sue! Enjoy your time off [the blog]

scott said...

OMG SUE! I also use Julia for my duck a l'orange recipe. Its seriously the ONLY one to use for such a retro dish.

Happy Thanksgiving.

SYNRGY said...

Thank You Sue... Hope yours was Wonderful... Enjoy your time next week with your Mom, and the baby ;)

about a boy said...

happy belated turkey day!

dibern said...

happy -late- thanksgiving!
was that really a picture of your meal???? you are a lucky woman. :)