Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Movie Review - The Keys to the House

The Keys to the House is a story about a father, Gianni (played by Kim Rossi Stuart), who hasn’t seen his handicapped son since he abandoned him when was born and his mother died during his delivery. Now, fifteen years later, partly out of guilt he has decided to travel with his son to see a physical therapist in Berlin. While there, he comes to fall in love with his son, Paolo (played by Andrea Rossi). He meets Nicole (played by Charlotte Rampling) the mother of a severely disabled child. Nicole helps him deal emotionally with being the parent of a disabled child. Fueled by his guilt and love for Paolo, Gianni decides to take over the full time care for Paolo.

This film was very moving without being overly melodramatic. The acting was solid and believable and one cared about the characters and their plights in life. It is a must see.

**** of five stars.


thonnibg said...

Wow...Sue,thanks a lot for the review!Glad you liked that movie.
I admire Andrea`s acting.Esp moving for me was when Gianni(Kim Rossi Stuart) drove his son to see his "girlfriend"!

about a boy said...

i love charlotte rampling. i loved her in swimming pool.

Sue said...

Toni - Yeah, I didn't get why he couldn't see her though. He really stole the movie though. They needed the two really strong actors just to balance him.

Chris - You should really see her in this film. She is a standout.

Doug said...

I haven't seen Charlotte Rampling in anything in years. Love her.

thonnibg said...

I had no idea Charlotte was so famous overseas.
The first photo you posted Sue is fantastic I mean Kim and Andrea and their moment of joy!

Sue said...

Toni - Yeah, most great British actors make it big in the US because they already speak English.

thonnibg said...

That`s what I thought too,Sue.
Charlotte`s German was so cute in the movie!