Wednesday, November 07, 2007



I guess we got overconfident after the Town Hall Addition was defeated so resoundingly. We live in a very small town and about 1800 people voted. For all of the town's positions, the votes were about 1050 to 750 in our opponent's favor. We were all caught off guard by the loss.

This was our first time running a campaign and was our experiment in democracy and forming a party. We had a great time and I met lots of neat people who were very dedicated to making a change for the better in our town. We did get a third Selectman in. Now he has to sit there with the two incumbents and be in the minority. We have vowed to be there and support him. I am sure we will.

The fight continues to protect our town from going to hell in a handbasket. Unfortunately, the government stays the same, and now it will have the same first selectman for 20 some odd years, or grows in incestuousness. We just heard that a new position has been formed for the sister of the second selectman who has just been elected to serve for his 18th year.

The people of our small town are just not ready for change. To a large extent they continue to be uninformed of the issues and satisfied with the status quo. They will stay with a government that has given them one of the 5 the lowest credit rated of all the towns in the state, a Planning & Zoning Commission that has broken the law on the gas station proposal, proposed a $3 MM addition to Town Hall that was rejected, a $3.7 MM addition to the firehouse that will come up for a vote in November, is currently building a huge ugly Walgreens on Main Street, proposed a horse crematorium, has approved a large 200 per day ton rollover waste facility for construction garbage from all over the state (soon to be increased to 5oo tons), and our major money earner is a sewage treatment plant that processes sewage from other towns. Frankly, our quaint little berg earns its money from taking garbage and sewage from all over the state.

We sought to find a better way for our town, but not enough people heard us. We fought the good fight. Maybe this explains the problem with the USA today. Not enough people are informed of the issues. Apathy rules the day. George Bush is President for two terms. I think I understand now how he won.

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Doug said...

Sorry to hear this.

peter from amsterdam said...

Sue, I'm sorry to hear this.

thonnibg said...

I`m sorry too!Hope it was a joke!

thonnibg said...

OMG,Sue,I`ve got the feeling as if you speak about a Bulgarian town and not American one.I` can`t believe people in the US could be apathic.I`ve always thought Americans are fighters esp when it comes to their problems and standard of living.

I`m really sorry to here that!
May I ask you a maybe personal question,Sue?Does anyone in your town or neighbourhood know about this blog?

Sue said...

Toni - A few people do.

thonnibg said...


Jessica said...

Urgh. Down here in Houston, our mayor was up for re-election. Now this is not a comment on my opinion of him, but rather a chance for me to vent my frustrations on the public's inability to be aware of the issues. I was angry at the local news networks lack of coverage on the issues. Many people in Houston did not even realize the mayor was due for re-election, and even fewer people knew who his opponents were. I would think a politician who feels secure in their position would not try to silence the opposition.

Thanks for letting me vent, y'all.