Thursday, November 15, 2007

Narcissus Posing in Competition

So here is Narcissus posing his little heart out at the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding competition in which he took 4th place. Look at that winning smile!

So, you tell me, does he look huge because of Brenton's skill with photography, or because he is huge?


thonnibg said...

Brenton is a very good photographer but Narcissus is a lovely model!

Doug said...

He looks great. And I love the pale blue posers, which he seems to fill rather nicely too.

Sue said...

Doug - I wasn't going to comment on how he filled out his posers. But, now that you mention it, hmm. Really, very nice bulge there! Ah, the benefits of going all natural! *wink*

Jessica said...

Yes, a very nice size indeed. I think I'm going to have to molest his person, once again. Toni, restrain me.

thonnibg said...

Gonna have to do it,Jess.
Narcissus doesn`t deserve to be molested.
I`ll find another one for you,Jess.He`ll be as gorgeous as Narcissus.I promise.And you`ll be able to use all your kinky fantasy.