Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 3, Egyptian Escapde

Dinner conversation was pleasant and engaging. Mr. Butterfly continued to flirt shamelessly with Roble, who seemed surprisingly receptive and professional all at the same time. Afterwards, there were drinks and music and finally it was time for bed. Mr. Butterfly walked me to my room and we said our good nights. I got into my nightie, got my mystery book and went under the covers to read.

A bit later, there was a soft knock on the door. I said, "Enter." It was Mr. Butterfly.

"Oh god Sue! I am in love! I am in love with Roble! Did you see him? Is he not gorgeous? And he is an entomologist! He is perfect for me. And I get to be alone with him for a week!" Then he squealed in a girlish tone, that he would never, ever want his friends to hear, but it was okay for my ears only.

By that time he was on the side of my bed leaning towards me. "Yes, he is a real hottie! You are a very lucky man. And he also seems interested in you. That is even better. Luck is on your side my friend."

"Oh I know. I can't wait until tomorrow! How can I sleep? I am too excited to sleep! Tomorrow I go on the trip of my dreams with the man of my dreams." Then he released a deep breath of air.

"Well, you have to try to sleep. You don't want to be nodding off while he is talking, do you?"

"No. Good point. I'll go right back to my room and try. Thanks Sue!" Off he went. Good little soldier, off to bed.

* * *

Mr. Butterfly awoke the next morning after tossing and turning all night dreaming about chasing Roble in muddy Nile waters. Roble was always just out of his reach. Then with a big smile, he just slipped through his fingers and away. The young explorer's bed clothes were a tangled mess when he awoke.

But he got up and dressed for adventure. He and Roble were up way before Sue and Ernst to begin their long drive to the outer areas of the Nile Delta. He hadn't brought much in the way of collecting gear, since so little was allowed due to security on planes these days. No fluids, no tweezers, no small containers, it was really limiting. All he really had was a note book and pen. Roble was to bring everything else they needed.

Nuri was up and had a quick breakfast prepared for them. Roble showed up shortly. The two entomologists wolfed down their soft boiled eggs and falafel with plenty of hot tea. Then they headed outside to Roble’s shiny new truck. Roble just had to show off his gear to Mr. Butterfly. He had the proper equipment for collecting aquatic insects, waders, and mist nets, everything a boy could want to catch water bugs. Mr. Butterfly ohhed and ahhed as expected and Roble was visibly pleased. Then they hopped into the truck and drove off. Roble knew where he was going generally from being in the Nile Delta area, at least enough to get them to where they were meeting with the boy Odji.

They talked bugs on the way there. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me, but there it is. Of course, they were entranced with the conversation and each other. They drove to a small village with little mud brick houses and Roble pulled in front of one where a good looking boy sat. The boy stood as they stopped and got out of the truck. Roble stepped towards the boy and introduced himself and the young explorer, and the boy said that his name was Odji. Odji called out to the owner of the house and a man came forward from inside to show them in. They grabbed their things from the truck and went into the house.

It was a typical rural Egyptian house. There was a front room for guests, rooms inside for sleeping, and a kitchen and bath in the courtyard out back. Roble and Mr. Butterfly were to share a room and they dropped their stuff in that room. They thanked their host as profusely as was required and then they were on their way with Odji to the Nile to work.

Odji sat in behind them in the truck, where he gave Roble instructions on how to get to the best water strider catching spots. They weren't all that far from the house. The two men got out of the truck and put their waders on. Roble grabbed the nets and Mr. Butterfly got the collection vials and jars and packed the pockets of his waders with them. He also took his pad of paper and pen and put those into the large inside pocket. Odji sat on the bank and watched. Roble waded into the Nile, looking around for bugs. Mr. Butterfly followed him cautiously.

"Okay, so what hazards do we need to look out for here in the Nile?" asked the young explorer.

"Oh, you mean like crocodiles?"

"What???" said Mr. Butterfly excitedly. "There could be crocodiles?"

"Why of course there could be. You just have to watch out for the telltale slides in the mud to make sure that a female isn't nesting nearby and going to get angry with you for disturbing her eggs."

Mr. Butterfly began to sweat and was looking around in all directions frantically. Roble took advantage of the young explorer's near panic by sneaking up behind him, growling and grabbing him around the waist. Mr. Butterfly shrieked deafeningly and splashed as if a crocodile was really attacking him.

Roble and Odji roared with laughter. "Oh my god! You'll wake the Pharaohs in their pyramids with that shriek!" Then there was more laughter. Mr. Butterfly had some serious pout on. But he realized that he had been had but good and joined the laughter.

"Seriously, crocodiles are no joke here in the
Nile. None have been reported here in years, but we keep our eyes open. Odji is our lookout. If he sees one he will call to us. If we see one, we will run like hell. We might visit areas where there are some, but not today. Sorry I played a joke on you Mr. Butterfly. I apologize. I would never really put your life in jeopardy. Will you forgive me?" and then he batted those big brown eyes at the young explorer.

Mr. Butterfly's heart melted. "Of course Roble. Let's catch us some water striders!" So they went back to work and had a very productive and tiring day.

They returned to the house that night exhausted, famished and muddy. They stripped to their under things outside and went straight to the back of the house to shower in the court yard. The owner brought them their towels and clean clothes. The shower was only big enough for one at a time. Pity thought Mr. Butterfly who was always harboring lascivious thoughts. He was hoping to get a glimpse of Roble in his altogether. In no time Roble was finished and out and dressed and it was the young explorer's turn. He thought about Roble while he was showering. Roble's nipples were so well defined. His lower lip was so full; it just begged to be sucked on. His breath got deeper as he thought that and his manhood began to get aroused. He could picture those lips sucking on his... He could smell dinner cooking. It smelled wonderful. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He sure didn't want to use up these good people's water. So he rinsed off and dried off, dressed and got out of the shower.

Dinner was roast chicken with falafel, hummus, biram ruz (rice casserole) and strong coffee. The guests were polite and made pleasant conversation with their host as would be expected of guests. Mr. Butterfly was clueless, since he only spoke English. He just sat there and smiled and nodded. Every now and then, Roble would translate something that wasn’t really very funny, but the young explorer would laugh dutifully. Finally, it was time to retire and Roble and the young explorer made their way to their room. Odji was going to sleep in the truck bed. Mr. Butterfly was terribly excited to be sharing a room all night with Roble. All night, all alone with the gorgeous Roble. It was a dream come true.

They got to the room and closed the door. There were two low beds with mosquito netting. They faced away from each other and stripped down to their shorts. Then they each got into a bed. The room was dimly lit by a gas lamp.

"Busy day, eh?" said the young explorer trying to make conversation.

"Yes, quite. I'm all in."

"Don't be offended, but your surname sounds Spanish."

"Yes, I think it is.
Morocco is very close to Spain. I was raised Catholic also. That is why I wear this antique Crucifix and rosary that has been in my family for years."

"Yeah? Um, I can't see it that well from here."

"Then come over here and take a closer look." That was the invitation that Mr. Butterfly was waiting to hear.

So Mr. Butterfly got up out of his mosquito netting, walked the few feet to the other man's netting, got inside and kneeled down on the floor to see the old silver pendant he was wearing. It glittered in the small light available. "It is beautiful. Just like the man wearing it." Then he leaned forward to kiss Roble.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. Chickens were squawking, women were screaming, stuff was being knocked over and the door burst open. Two huge men blocked the entry way holding guns. Without hesitation, they shot the Roble and the young explorer in the thighs with darts. Then they chuckled. "We thought we would find you two in way more of a compromising situation than that boys!"

Mr. Butterfly could feel the tranquilizer hotly rushing through his system, and he knew it was a matter of moments before he would lose consciousness. So with a mighty effort, he climbed up next to Roble on the bed and fell into his waiting arms and blacked out.

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peter said...

OMG!!! The suspension is killing me!

Sue said...

I know!!! I typed this one out so fast! I was so excited about it. So many exciting things await them...

G Cracker said...

Ohhh, those tranquilizers hurt too!! Poor Roble!

Wait...poor me!! :P

Sue said...

That'll leave a mark too! Right G?

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Shaney said...

I am going to have to catch up tonight sweetness...I got to get my ass off to work...Will comment later on when I got time to read your latest offerings..*winks*

Shaney said...

Damn it...All good writers know when to bloody stop & leave one hanging in the air...UN-fairview Sue! *winks*
Cant wait to find out who shot Mr Butterfly & Why?
Geeez dont they know you dont interrupt a gay man & his pray!

Sue said...

Shaney Boy - I have to admit it was very unFairView of me and I knew it. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. You may rest assured it was for nefarious reasons though. Stay tuned...