Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay Boys, Time to Strip!

That's right! Take it all off and then take a photo of yourself for Aussielicious' Public Nudity Challenge! The contest is ongoing and a number of entrants are in the running. My favorite so far is the one below:

This is Mike, who left his office, and used the CCTV cameras to tape himself naked and proud of it, thank you very much! Can you imagine explaining that to the security office???? I guess he is just very lucky no one came along. Great job Mike!!!!

Okay, so this isn't that hard to do and it could be fun. I have been thinking about how I could do it in my town. Of course at night, everything is easier, but you do lose points for nighttime shoots. Remote locations are fine, but again, you do lose points. Gees, guys, how can you resist this challenge?

By the way, the Challenge ends on JULY 31st. That's not much time to go. Prizes will be determined by Brenton. Gee, I hope they are something great!


about a boy said...

im going to pass for now...but you never know. i could surprise you all.

Sue said...

Yeah, right. I'll believe it when I see it Chris.