Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Puppy for Mommy - Part 7, Down to 3 & Close to a Choice

So here are the final 3 puppies being considered (click on any image to enlarge):

In the photo above, The puppies can hear their food being prepared and run to see. The puppy on the far left, formerly known as White Head, has been renamed Winston by the breeders. This is because he reminds them of Winston Churchill. He is one of the finalists. The next mostly white puppy to his right is 4 Spot who is also a finalist. The large puppy to his right is Black Head and is the biggest pup in the litter and also a finalist. However, now that they are older, the temperaments are beginning to be noticeable. Black Head, as the largest pup, is also the most dominant and aggressive in the litter, Winston is the most loving, and 4 Spot is the most timid.

In the photo above, the three finalists can be seen playing with other litter mates. In a recent email to the breeders, Mom has said:

...but Winston (the white guy) is growing on me. My daughters prefer him, hands down. While any of the three we discussed would make me happy, I am leaning to the dog you say has the best personality rather than the one I fear may be too reserved for me (4-spot, gorgeous as he is) or the biggest bruiser, whose name escapes me. (The feistiest one. He might be a handful.) What I like about Winston is that you can easily see his eyes and his expression. Whether or not he gets "eyeliner" around his eyes is insignificant to me.

Anyhow, there's lots of time for you to think it over and do what's best for all of us potential mommies.

In the photo above, Winston is happily playing by himself and Black Head is harassing one of his litter mates. Of course, Evie and I just want what is best for mom. We think that a loving dog that welcomes people to her house would be perfect and easy for her to handle.

Above is a close up of Winston. Mom will get what ever dog on June 23rd. She will rename him Vasco as planned. Then she will be flocked with visitors coming to see her new puppy. When all of that dies down, I will go and visit her for a few days to see the puppy and visit with her friends some of which I have known for my entire life. It should really be lots of fun, and I am really looking forward to it. I promise to blog all about it.


Shaney said...

I couldn't choose & I can see why it is sooooo hard to make a decision...They are ALL adorable...Thanks for the wonderful photo sharing & experience Sue...xoxo

Sue said...

Yeah, thanks Shaney.

SYNRGY said...

I wouldn't be able to choose, although Winston is absolutely... I just want to... awww makes me want one... great pics Sue...

*the softer side of SYN has been brought to you by SEARS.

Sue said...

Thank god for Sears!