Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sophomore Year - Part 3, The Bodybuilder

It was about mid-semester and I went up to Cornell to visit Tom again on a Friday night. I hung out at the Frat, playing pool with my brother and waiting for Tom to show up. He was uncharacteristically late. He strolled in around 10 pm and we went upstairs together. We stripped unceremoniously and he got on top of me and banged away until he was done, rolled off and went to sleep. It was completely unromantic and I felt as if we had been married for years. He sure wasn’t interested in talking about it the next day. His attitude was that I was expecting too much from him. I was pretty angry and voiced my displeasure.

That Saturday night, there was a big party at another Fraternity and I decided to go alone. I put on my best slacks and a pretty blouse, both of which I had invested in since I met my new classy roomies, and hit the party. This frat had way cooler guys than the one my brother belonged to. The frat house itself was Tudor in style. Most of the guys dressed in a preppie way and looked like they came from old money or better. I felt pretty because girls who attend Cornell are notoriously unattractive. So, I drew quite a bit of attention which was nice for a change. Cute guys were actually scoping me out!

I danced with a few guys, but this shorter body builder one really caught my eye. His name was Zach. I just wanted to touch him, his body was so entrancing. Even though he was wearing long sleeves, I could see that he was really muscular. It was obvious to me that he had done some bodybuilding. His thighs looked so thick; I just wanted to see him with his clothes off. I had never dated a bodybuilder before and was really curious. He was into me too and it didn’t take long for us to leave the party together and head to a dorm room that he had set aside in case he met someone that night.

As soon as we got into the room we began kissing furiously. He was like an animal in that his breathing became hard right away and there was a sense of urgency in all his moves. He undressed me with vigor, standing behind me and unzipping my slacks, unbuttoning my blouse. It was such a turn on. His breathing made a constant growling, grumbling noise that added an animalistic sensation to our encounter. His body was amazing. His chest was so broad and muscular, his thighs were solid muscle. I just wanted to face him and adore his naked body, the like of which I had never seen in real life before. To run my hands up and down his warm flesh and feel his huge muscles as they flexed would have been fantastic. My hands were so tiny compared to his larger muscle groups, which were so hard, like stone, but warm. He laid naked beneath me with his erection in my ass crack and played with my body as no one had before. I could feel his whole muscular body flex beneath me. He breathed in my ear roughly and had one hand on my nipple and the other one was working busily on my crotch. Every now and then his gentle kisses turned to playful, but painful bites. He claimed to have honed his technique on older women in his mom’s club in Florida. Thus he brought me to levels of ecstasy previously unknown to me. I squirmed with delight as he pleasured me. This growling and passionate animal of solid muscle beneath me, my god he was just so hot! He was like an orgasm ride, put in a quarter and get the ride of your life. But I did not have sex with him, because at that time I didn’t do that on the first date. He would only have been my second lover. Silly me.

So, I stayed the night. I used to enjoy lying curled up across his chest, around pec level with his arms circling me. But mostly we slept like spoons. He told me that there was a party the following weekend and could I come to that and I said absolutely. I was happy that we were going to see each other again so soon. He did not have all of the athletic obligations that Tom had, so we could see each other far more often.

The next morning I got dressed and it was time to go. I kissed Zach good bye but I really didn’t want to leave. He put his jeans and a shirt on and offered to walk me back to the frat. He walked me part way but was wary of going in since I had told him that my boyfriend was there and he didn’t like the idea of being beat up. So, we said our good byes again. I hugged that wide muscular body. God, I was going to miss that. I walked into the frat and who did I see on my way in? Tom. There I was in my last night’s outfit walking back in again and there was Tom. The message was clear. Our relationship was over. Tom didn’t look too upset and I sure wasn’t. I said my good byes to Verne and told him I would be up next weekend.

Zach Photo credit: Unnatural Devotions


Shaney said...

Oh you are just too devilish Sue...
ROFL @ Put in a quarter!
I cant believe you didn't sleep with him - Well I can undertsand why but but.....Argggh he sounded like a Hot Time!

But then I got confused...You had sex with Tom the same night you passionately kissed the STUD?
I am deprived..lol All this talk about hot men & sex has be going crazy..!

Sue said...

Shaney - see what you missed by not staying in school and going to college? No, I had sex with Tom Friday and hooked up with Zach Saturday. I'll tell ya, the '70s were wild times! I had tons of fun. ;)

Doug said...

So was all of him big and meaty?

Sue said...

Pretty much.

Shaney said...

LOL ...Oh I never missed out darling...I just started young!