Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation, Part 12

Mr. Butterfly couldn’t have been happier when he awoke early to make the fire and the morning coffee. He left a peacefully sleeping Volchuk behind and hopped to it. He was singing to himself cheerily as each camper woke up to get a cup of his strong black brew. Everyone was all satisfied smiles, which was remarkable after yesterday’s trauma and the wrinkle with Pavel. All of that was just a memory now.

He surveyed the happy visages surrounding him at the campfire and listened to the cheerful prattle of the morning talk. Today’s plans were similar to Monday’s, and Tuesday’s that were scrubbed because of the bearded crazy man. Mr. Butterfly couldn’t wait to be alone with Sue and tell her all about last night. They finished breakfast, cleaned up and headed out. Pavel and Volchuk took off with their volcanology equipment and Sue and Mr. Butterfly grabbed the laptop, string, and other stuff they needed for the day. The groups of twos headed off in opposite directions.

When they were out of earshot, Mr. Butterfly excitedly said, “Volchuk let me top him last night.”

“What! I thought he never bottomed!”

“He said he did it just for me. Just for me, he said!”

“Wow! That is really something! How was it?”

“God! I can’t tell you how hot it was! First of all he loved it. That is really important. I fucked the shit out of him. He begged me to do it harder and faster, oh and I did! He came everywhere! We both came at the same time too! It was fabulous!”

“That is really great! I am so happy for you!!!”

She stopped and gave the young explorer a hug and he hugged her back. Their eyes met and he said, “Then he told me he loved me.”

“What? How did that make you feel?”

“I don’t know. Volchuk is very young. He gives his heart away too easily I think. I mean, I care for him and feel fondly for him, but I don’t love him. Not yet. He is a really cool kid that I am interested in seeing quite a bit more of and if time allowed perhaps we could fall in love. But time doesn’t allow. That is just not the situation right now, so I am not entertaining that possibility.”

“What did you say?”

“I kissed him passionately on the mouth and told him to go to sleep and he did. Then I held him all night.”

“Well, I guess that works. At least he was all smiles this morning. So he must have been happy enough with your response.”

“I suppose. I don’t want to lead him on. So how about you and Pavel? What happened with you guys, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Oh, we had sex. He promised not to hurt me, and I promised not to hurt me. We managed to have really hot sex without me getting hurt. I thought he was going to have to tie me down to make it work. But that is another story. You didn’t hear me scream when I climaxed?

“Uh, no…”

“Oh, good. We were worried that you and Volchuk would hear. But I guess I told you anyhow.”

“Wait. Rewind. He was going to tie you down?”

“Well, he didn’t. It was discussed as a possibility if I didn’t stop struggling against him.”

“Okay. I think I’ve heard enough. I’m glad you guys worked it out. So Pavel has redeemed himself now?”

“Oh yes. Wouldn’t hurt a flea.”

“That’s reassuring.”

“Why don’t we lay out the first grid right here today? Okay Mr. Butterfly?”

“Sounds fine to me, Dr. Fairview.” With that they got down to spreading out the first grid of the day.

Most of the remaining days and nights of their stay went pretty much like that. During the days, they worked like fiends, laying grids and counting plants and bugs, while Volchuk and Pavel made geothermal measurements as if their lives depended on it. During the nights they all made love. Well, Drs. Sidorov and Fairview made gentle love while trying to be as quiet as possible, and Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly continued their versatility in their lovemaking. Hot nights they were indeed. Before long they were all comfortable naked in front of one another and not only at the well used, but still pristine, hot spring.

Everyone of them wished the week would not end, but all good things must. So, when it did, they packed their gear in silence onto the horses, took one last look at the place that had become home away from home and left. It was a half a day’s hike to town where they returned their horses and caught the bus back to Reykjavik and the Keflvík Airport.

Once at the airport they decided to check with the police (the police station in Reykjavik is at the airport) and see if anything was found out about the crazy bearded man that accosted them. The police did not look happy to see them, but did tell them that the man was a confused employee of a local metals company who thought they were there to try to stop building of a dam and not just innocent researchers. Unfortunately he got access to a gun. I guess that was an understandable mistake with everything going on currently in Iceland.

It was time for tearful good byes. I hugged Pavel and kissed him on his ever stubbly cheek. I said, “Good bye, I’ll miss you tons.”

He replied, “Xороший пока любят. Take care of yourself.” We nuzzled a bit before we let go. The Russians were headed back on a later flight to Siberia for the summer to continue study of geothermal phenomena there.

The young explorer and Volchuk were locked in an embrace, whispering sweet nothings in each others’ ears. Volchuk’s were all in Russian. I don’t think Mr. Butterfly could understand a word he was saying, but I am sure they were all expressions of love. They were still embracing when our flight was called and we had to board the plane.

“Um, Mr. Butterfly, we have to go now.”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

“Um. Excuse me.”


Finally they broke and he walked with me to the plane. We waved one final time, and they waved and then we found our seats and eventually the plane took off.


about a boy said...

all good things must end...sadly.

Sue said...

Ah yes. But wait until you see where we are going next!!!

pjotr said...

They must have been worn out... from all the work, and most of the fun at night.

I'm looking forward to their next adventure, where are they off to next???

Sue said...

Ah, but they are young and strong!

It is going to be a surprise! I bet you can't wait!

Shaney said...

Hmmmm OK I am even more lost...Wasn't there supposed to be something I waited to find out?? Or am I still that confused little lost man who has no idea what the hell he is talking about, why am I typing in 3rd person...Whats going on here...I liked the story though Sue...Look forward to reding the next adventure and this time I will make sure I dont lose the

Sue said...

Okay Shaney. If you followed their discussion about how Mr. Butterfly topped Volchuk, than you missed nothing. So did you miss anything?

Shaney said...

No it seems... But then again I cant find the missing link I lost sometime used to be lodged in my brain - you know the Cerebrum that one would normally associate with intelliegence amongst other much needed

Sue said...

Poor Shaney Boy...