Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 4, Egyptian Escapade

I awoke the next morning to the bright Egyptian sunshine streaming into my windows and creating beautiful shadows through the lattice work covering them. I stretched to my full length and felt great. I sat up and put my toes on the soft pile of the Egyptian carpet at the foot of my bed. It was going to be a great day. I showered, dressed and went down the hall to meet Ernst for breakfast.

He looked very happy to see me as well. His eyes shone bright and so did his smile. We dined on the same soft boiled eggs and falafel as did Roble and Mr. Butterfly earlier that same morning. We also had hot tea. Today we were going to tour the farms. I couldn’t wait.

We went outside and got into his truck; he opened my door for me, and we drove off towards the fields. Everything seemed to be in bloom. The artichokes were explosions in purple. I had never seen those in bloom before and I had to get out of the truck and take a closer look. Seeing an entire field of them was quite impressive. Ernst was proud to have shown me something I had never seen before.

I also got to see whole fields of Echinacea and chamomile in bloom. They were also growing hibiscus and peanuts.

Native workers were out tending the fields and we also saw some large combines used for composting driving across the fields.

We then pulled into a modern building used as an office. Ernst and I got out of the truck and went into the building. While there, Ernst gave me an overview of the operation from seed into ground, to the plant in bloom, to the field harvest, to the dollar coming back in. It was fascinating. I asked some intelligent questions that resulted in small changes in the flow of the operations and earned remarks from Ernst like, “You’ve already earned your stay with that one comment.” So I was feeling pretty good about my contribution. When we were done, it was late afternoon and almost time for dinner. I felt woozy with hunger all of the sudden, having eaten nothing since breakfast and only having drunk some tea and munched on some almonds and dates.

Ernst and I drove quickly back to the house for dinner. Though I was starving, Ernst insisted that I bathe before dinner. So I went to my room and had a nice bath. I luxuriated in it. I got all soapy, and then I put some fancy almond milk oil on my skin that I found in the bathroom. It felt wonderful. I put on a beautiful coral toned sleeveless silk shift that I thought Ernst would appreciate, with cameo earrings I bought on my last trip to Naples and Spanish leather slides with small heels. I was ready. I headed for the dinning room.

Ernst was dressed in a collared dress shirt with long sleeves and slacks, leather loafers and no socks. God, he looked sexy. If he was for dinner, I was going to eat my fill!

“You look absolutely gorgeous Sue! I love that dress. Is it silk?”

“Of course. You’re no slouch either there! So, are you the dinner entrée or will there be actual food?”

The ubiquitous Nuri

He laughed politely and signaled to Nuri. In came the trays of food. It was a veritable feast of Egyptian specialties. I tried not to eat too much, but it was difficult. Everything was so delicious! I complimented the chef, who turned out to be Nuri. I wondered just how many other talents did the ubiquitous Nuri had? After dinner we retired to the living room with our wine.

Ernst put Begin the Beguine by Cole Porter on and asked me to dance with him. How could I refuse? When I stood and walked to where he was standing, he held me closer than he was supposed to though. But I was glad. We held each other tightly, like we were in high school, our arms wrapped around each other. But he could dance; his foot work was correct. His hands traveled up and down my back and mine traveled over his. His head drew back and I knew he wanted to kiss me. So I drew my head back too and tilted it to the right. He tilted to the opposite direction and our lips met. His were soft, so soft. I could feel him exhale through his nose onto my face and I loved it. He opened his mouth a little and I opened mine, he gently put his tongue into my mouth and I allowed it in. I felt a bit dizzy as blood went south suddenly and I felt a swoon coming on. I let myself go a little limp in his arms to let him know that he was affecting me in this way. He held me tighter and I knew that he understood as I sucked on his tongue just a little bit. Suddenly, he just lifted me up, like I weighed nothing and carried me off towards my room.

When we got there he laid me on the bed gently and asked me if I was okay with his being there. I said that I was. He took off his shoes and he slipped off mine and he joined me on the bed. We resumed kissing right away. He plunged his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated. He stroked the length of my leg from my foot up to my thigh, lifting the hem of my dress to my thong panties and placed his hips on top of mine. I could feel the hardness of his erection pressing on my pubis. That needed to be released from its clothing right away. So I put my hand down to undo his belt and slacks. He lifted up a bit and did not stop me. I got the belt undone, and unzipped his slacks. Meanwhile, he unbuttoned his shirt. Then he rolled off of me so I could see what I was doing. God, he was a beautiful man. What a body! I just had to lick him all over. I began at his neck and licked my way down to his sternum, then to his nipple and pectoral. He was writhing with pleasure already and got his arms out of his shirt. I grabbed the waist of his slacks and pulled them down over his hips, exposing his silk boxers, as I continued licking my way down his pleasure trail. At the top of his boxers, I paused and licked a line across the top. He suppressed a scream of agony that I had paused there. He impatiently pulled them down exposing his thick uncut hardon in a bushy nest of hair, which bounced around a bit. It was too tempting to ignore, so I kissed the head and swallowed as much as I could. He kind of moaned a bit as if that was what he was waiting for. I bobbed my head up and down as sloppily as possible, drooling all over him. With my left hand, I played with his nuts and with my right hand I stroked his shaft smearing my drool all over. He began flexing his legs and curling his toes, plus he rolled his head back, so I was pretty sure I was doing a good job.

But I was still fully dressed. After a short while he came back to himself and said, “Oh, Sue. I feel so selfish. Let me help you undress.”

Then he stood, lost what was left of his pants and shorts, helped me pull the dress off (there were no fastenings on it) and remove my scanty under things. He admired my naked body with his eyes, smiled and we hugged. I handed him a condom and he looked a bit embarrassed that I had one. But, he put it on. He sat on the edge of the bed and bade me come and sit on his lap facing him. I did so and that is how he penetrated me. He gently lowered me down on his erection and it felt so good to feel him enter me. I just wanted to scream with the satisfaction of it; I had wanted him inside me so badly from the first time I set eyes upon him. Then he stood and leaned me up against a pillar. I helped him by holding onto his meaty shoulders and wrapping my legs around his waist and posting on him as if he was a fine Arabian stallion while he made love to me up against the pillar. The great thing about it was that gravity was working for us, so every time he pushed up, gravity helped with the force to make me come. I was able to help him until I began to lose control with my excitement. Then he took over, holding me in place and pumping up into me. In no time I came; big time, loudly and with abandon. My spasms were so hard he had to fight to stay inside me. Then he came with a groan of pleasure. When we were done, he carried me back to the bed while he was still inside me. We laid side-by-side and gazed into each others’ eyes. He leaned forward and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. He said, “I think I could get used to having you in my bed Sue.” Then he smiled and I smiled back, not quite knowing what to say.

We slept through the night peacefully in each others’ arms. By the time we awoke it was past 8 AM and the sun was up. We had slept in after our long day yesterday. I turned and Ernst was also awake and beautiful in the morning sun. We moved closer to kiss, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”, called Ernst.

“It is I, Nuri.”, replied Nuri. “Sir there is an emergency. May I enter?”


The door opened and Nuri came in.

“Sir. Dr. Castagno and Mr. Butterfly were abducted last night from the house where they were staying.”

“Last night! And we are only hearing of it now!”

“Sir, the owner and his wife were beaten, gagged and tied up and only found by the neighbors this morning.”

“And Odji?”

“Gone. We must assume he was in on it.”

Ernst was sitting up in bed now. “That boy! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him with his name meaning evil!”

I said, “Are we going to call the police?”

“No. Not for this. Trust me. They are not who we want. Nuri, get me Basim on the phone.”

“Yes sir, right away.” With that Nuri rushed away.

“Basim, who is Basim?”

“He is my head of security.”


peter said...

Pleasant turns and twists ;o) just as we like it!

Shaney said...

OK Sue, you made us wait ALL week long wanting to know what happened to Mr Butterfly & we are no closer to knowing...ThankGod there was a lot of moaning, groaning, jizz shooting action going on, to take my mind off it...*winks*
P.s That Sue sure sounds like a HOT ROOT...hehe

Sue said...

Yeah guys. I know, I'm so mean; making you all wait another week. All great authors are like that you know (not that I am including myself in their company). You haven't seen anything yet of our Sue though Shaney. Remember, she's an explorer. Nothing she's done yet is that remarkable. But, I always treasure comments from you guys! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I see you comment on Ryan and Mike's blog well I am trying to get all the people that read there blog to go here and leave a comment so they can pass it on too them with hopes we can get them to come back and blog again.

Thanks, Danny

Doug said...

Poor Butterfly. Lucky Sue!