Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Painting by Doug

From Doug's blog (Unnatural Devotions):

Oil pastel on canvas paper. This one felt like it was based on the energy of world events, so expect (perhaps) a psychic reading sometime soon. Click image to enlarge.


Doug said...

thanks for the re-post, sue!!!

Pick said...

Beautiful, yet disturbing. My mind went to feeling as though I'm on the inside of a Nazi concentration camp looking out ... don't know why my mind took me there but it was my absolute first thought upon seeing this. I'm also seeing the grim reaper - big time!

Calling Dr. Freud! Got him on speed dial at the moment! lol

Sue said...

De nada, Doug!

Pick, that is very close to my reaction!

Stan said...

Very foreboding to say the least. I guess the world is pretty fucked up right now.

Anonymous said...

I brought to mind a story I read
a long time ago I think by Ray Bradbury called
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Its not what you see its what you dont see when I look at it Sue.

Your Prairie friend