Friday, July 24, 2009

Slick It Up Does Dancing Shiva?!?!?!?

You heard right! Dave Mason's explanation of the shoot is here. But I will tell you the real truth, only at Fair View.

Below is an image of Lord Shiva dancing. He both creates and destroys the universe with this dance. So, needless to say, he is pretty important in the Hindu pantheon of gods. Okay, he is like numero uno.

Below, is Dave Mason imitating Shiva's dance in his specially made Slick It Up duds. [Click to enlarge.]

Not half bad, but here is François Sagat doing the dance also:

Even the leg position is more convincing. It just must be that Sagat has better knowledge of Shiva than Dave has and perhaps has even studied the Hindu religion.

The apparel is not for sale, as it was made only for this shoot, out of Dave's whimsy. Doesn't Dave give great whimsy? The photographer is Tim Palen. The locale is the Integratron.


Ray Avito said...

Amazing photos, with a slightly disturbing edge...but a good edge!

David Mason said...

I was in LA and missed this posting.. Thanks SUE. Yeah it was all Tims idea, and I had just had a "sound bath" in the integretron minutes before so 3 minutes before the shoot I was unconscious and when I realized I had lost my giant wrap around glasses I was having a hissy fit and not feeling it. Its my own damn fault. Im totally wooden and not serving it. I regret doing a poor job with it, Tim deserves better.