Sunday, July 26, 2009

Herodotus Comixxx - Miscellaneous II

Sorry my posts are late today; our DSL connection has been persnickety lately in the mornings.

Source: Herodotus

Gorm Author: Wolfpek


Thonnibg said...

Love them!Esp the Angel Ant;)

Pick said...

Made me blush, right to the tips of my wings. ;o{)

Wolfpek said...

It always thrills me to see Herodotus work anywhere
He really brings my fantasies to vivid life

LUCIEN said...

HERODOTUS always thrills me right down to my toes - and other body parts too !

Sue said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Herodotus said...

Sue,I love the word 'persnickety'; I've not heard that for awhile. Reminds me of 'westerns'.

Anonymous said...

Your art work is great. It is sexy
and hot and I always look forward
to seeing more.

Wolfpek, can we expect any more stories from you. You have a great
way of writing in detail which I love.

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Anonymous said...

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