Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movers N Shakers Starring Paul Wagner

Above photos from Queer Me Now

Above photos from Attempted Entertainment

From Hot House's Backroom:

Paul Wagner and Berke Banks take a break from packing up their office to revisit some memorable after-hours experiences they have shared in the past. Wagner kneels down and opens his buddy's pants to reveal a rock-hard footlong which he sucks to the base. Banks returns the favor on Wagner's fat cock - sucking it like it may be the last time. Wagner's hole needs attention so he knocks a box off a nearby table and sprawls out spread eagle so Banks can pound his ass. The two moving men fuck all over the empty office until they blow loads of hot cum!

Paul teams up with his old pal Berke for some fun: see the preview here.


Thonnibg said...

I couldn`t see the preview with neither of my browsers tho I have AFP 10 installed.
It must be hot!

Sue said...

What error message did you get? I wonder if it is because you are in EU? Do you have a HH membership?

Thonnibg said...

No I don`t have a HH membership.It shows me "This content requires AFP 10.Would you like to install it?"
But I already have AFP 10 installed.Maybe HH require some special

Sue said...

Hmm! Don't know then.