Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stag Homme's Kama Sutra Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

One of porn's biggest and most sensual tops, Jean Franko, graces us in Stag Homme's latest XXX feature, "Kama Sutra". Jean Franko and Damien Crosse happen to cross paths on the sweaty streets of Barcelona when the Venezualan sex-god decides to invite him over for some action. But this is NOT your usual sex romp! Franko voraciously fucks Crosse in four sweltering positions, even lifting him off the ground and plows him while holding up his brutalized bottom in his massive arms. Our deified top pounds the cum out of Damien without even touching himself during just the second position. But Damien, still hungry, grabs Jean Franko's cock and sticks it back in his ass until he fucks another load out of him this time into his own mouth. Vatsyayana, eat your heart out!

'Kama Sutra' stars Damien Cross and Jean Franko (more behind the scenes NSFW stills on Jean's blog) and was directed by Damien and Francesco D'Macho. As an opening, let me just say that I much prefer
Señor Franko's looks with a beard. The introduction to the film was enhanced by the quick close-up views of the tower of Barcelona's Segrada Familia by Gaudi, which evokes an Eastern flavor as well as the font choice of the title sequence. However, the music could have had a bit more of an Eastern flavor. There are so many fine choices out there in modern Eastern music these days, even done by gay artists.

The apartment locale is nice as there are 3 Buddahs in sitting poses with thier hands in various mudras. The interior is simple in white with touches of black or dark brown trims. Both our stars run up the stairs to the locale in their rush to get it on.

So, it seems that these two, Damien and Jean, can't wait to get at each other! Lust abounds as they tear each other's clothes off. Certainly Damien is quite turned on as he explodes in his first orgasm after only being fucked by Jean for less than 5 minutes without even touching himself! Amazing! Cum flies everywhere!

Next Jean tries this position with Damien. I have been in this one a few times (LOL!) and I think Damien could maybe have helped Jean a bit more with this one. the following is a message just for Damien: DO NOT READ IT UNLESS YOU ARE DAMIEN. [Damien - you are supposed to hang on with the strength in your arms and ride him with your legs, using the strength in your thighs. Then you can even post on him and that really helps a lot. He seemed to be doing all the work. Not that I would ever give a porn star advice, but I really have tons of experience with this position.] Okay, now every one can read again.

This next position is not for you if you have any, ANY neck, or lower back problems. So, it is right out for me. But I loved how Francesco caught Damien cumming into his own mouth with this one. How did he do that? Well, we appreciated it lots!

Finally, Jean cums after four positions! Wasn't Damien the lucky bottom to get two orgasms out of this pairing? They do make an attractive couple.

We also get a closer look at Damien's new tattoo on his left shoulder. It looks to me like an Indian goddess holding a snake. She could be Manasa Devi, the snake goddess, an acolyte of Lord Shiva. Francesco has a new tattoo also.

I really like the Eastern themes in the film, even though they don't quite live up to my expectations, but how could they when I am such an aficionado. [And so snooty about it too! Just like the Tilex...] But then the film gets really hot and lusty and how could one not appreciate that? We got to see two positions we don't usually get to see, plus Damien came twice, once without even touching himself. I would say that this is an amazing effort by Stag Homme. Wonderful camera work and superior direction add to the mix and we have another winner.

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