Friday, July 31, 2009

I Hate Cristiano!

And this is why:

Okay so he knows lots of stars, but this is too much! Go find out more at his blog.

Just kidding amore!


Cristiano Mancini said...

Sue , I touched him a little bit also for you ! Did you see the size of his hand on my shoulder ???

Sue said...

Oooo! Tell me what he felt like!!! *swoon*

Sue said...

Better yet, what did he smell like????

Cristiano Mancini said...

like a real man ! Finally someone!!

Thonnibg said...

Lol Sue,that`s the question I always ask too;)
Look how happy Cristiano looks.And younger and younger.What`s your secret Cristiano?Meeting men like this one or...?Do share with us;)

YvesPaul said...


carolmoni said...

hi,sue do you know something about daniel marvin? l would like to know . he is so hot and nice.where coud l see him? please, let me know

Sue said...

Hi Carolmoni - Sorry, I have heard nothing about Daniel Marvin since March of this year when I last posted about him. You can view those posts by going to the labels section in the sidebar and clicking on his name. He does not have a blog that I know of and if he did, I would link to it immediately. I keep my ear to the ground looking for any information on him of course. I will post any updated information on him as soon as I hear of it, I promise you that!

Anonymous said...

I hate cristiano too!
Gerard my god!! So man.. I can say!!

A fun of you and cristiano,

Anonymous said...

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carolmoni said...

thanks sue, you are an angel