Friday, July 10, 2009

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assingment Part 12

At around bedtime of the day that Mr. Butterfly headed back for camp. Yuri, still comatose, was looking pale. Volchuk and I were worried about him, but what could we do? He wouldn’t take any water yet, as he was still unconscious, but he wasn’t feverish. He was stable and resting comfortably from what we could tell. So we did nothing.

We decided to curl up together on the floor of the yurt on some furs and try to get some shut eye. Volchuk spooned me and we got to talking. “So Volchuk, what does it feel like to have two cocks in you? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Let me put it this way. The first time you have sex with a man with a really big cock, doesn’t that hurt? For example, your first time with Dr. Siderov, didn’t that hurt?”

I giggled thinking about it, and Volchuk couldn’t see me blush, since he was behind me. “Yeah, but like it hurt so good!”

“Exactly! There is your answer. It hurts so good!” Then he squeezed me tight for emphasis and we had a good laugh together. He really was a good guy and I’m glad that Mr. Butterfly found him.

The next morning I awoke early and felt Volchuk’s enormous erection poking at the middle of my back. Geez, I thought to myself, Mr. Butterfly has had that monster up his butt! But I got up quietly and decided not to check on Yuri, so positive that he was just fine and I was so sure of it that I would go out and tinkle without looking in on him. So I headed to the native camp’s latrine area on tiptoe. When I returned, Volchuk was up and checking on Yuri. “He looks so much better! Come see for yourself!”

I came over and Volchuk was correct. Yuri had his color back and looked like he had just laid down for a nap and could waken any minute! Just then a native woman came in with a cup of fresh steaming meat broth which was a rare commodity in Kamchatka. Through Volchuk’s translations I understood that it was a gift for the patient. We gave our many thanks for the broth and the woman left.

Volchuk left to make his morning ablutions and returned quickly to help me feed Yuri. “I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what sort of meat do you think this is?” I asked.

“Well I still hear the dogs barking.” We chuckled and Volchuk put Yuri’s head on his lap. I took a large spoon that had been delivered with the broth and began to try to spoon it into Yuri’s lips. Then the most amazing thing happened. Yuri swallowed the first spoonful! Volchuk and I gasped with delight. It was the first sustenance that Yuri had accepted in 24 hours. We quickly fed him the entire cup of broth. Surely he would waken soon!

We had to find other things that he could eat in this semi-comatose state. But what kind of things that existed here could he eat? Maybe there were noodle kind of things that people had. Volchuk went to see if any of these things existed in this town while I waited with Yuri and cleaned him up a bit.

We managed to get him another cup of broth with some seed bread soaked in it and he ate that too. Yuri’s eyes opened to slits around 3:00 PM. We were very excited about that and began calling his name and shaking his body.

About a half an hour later, Kirill arrived in town dragging the cart that Mr. Butterfly had borrowed. We were relieved to see him. His face looked care worn though as if he had more than this going on. But seeing him was exactly what I needed and seemed to give Volchuk a boost too.

“How is Yuri doing?” He asked as soon as he was done greeting us.

“He has not yet wakened, but he is much better. Come see for yourself.” I gestured into the yurt where Yuri was resting and Kirill entered with us. “He has managed two cups of broth this morning and his eyes have begun to open.”

“Broth? What meat did they have?” We all laughed at his joke.

Volchuk answered him “Well the dogs are still barking…”

We laughed again. He leaned over Yuri and said in Russian “Brother, it is time to get up!”

And miraculously, Yuri opened his eyes and answered in Russian “Is it morning already? I thought I would sleep in this one time.”

Volchuk exclaimed “He was just waiting for his mother tongue to wake him! Why did I not think of it? I feel so stupid!”

But Kirill just patted Volchuk on the back, and said “You guys did great. You nursed him back to health. Now we will get him ready to hike back to camp.”

I asked Yuri “How do you feel?”

“Really sleepy. I feel like I’ve been on a long journey that lasted for years. How long have I been sleeping?”

“Only two days and we are really glad to have you back with us.”

So I bought the raven spirit image to thank the local gods for bringing Yuri back to us.

A couple of days later, we all hiked back to camp with a now healthy Yuri following us. I couldn't wait to get back to Alexei, and I am sure that Mr. Butterfly was missing Volchuk as well.


Thonnibg said...

"I giggled thinking about it.."-ah that naughty Sue:-)

Sue said...

Yes indeed! You know me too well Toni!