Monday, July 13, 2009

Barry, a.k.a. Paul Wagner, & Berke

From Sean Cody:

"I'm single now," Berke said. "I've lost my comfort zone with a girlfriend."

Barry was sitting beside him with a big smile on his face.

I was thinking to myself, "a meeting of the titans." Corny, I know, but they're both beefy and hairy and fulfill that high-school-football-player fantasy!

Barry was asked about what kind of tops he likes.

"Definitely more masculine than myself," he replied, looking at Berke. "But he's pretty masculine, so..."

And here he is as Hot House Exclusive Paul Wagner on June 30 at Cocktails with the Stars, below, with Josh West [source Hot Flash Blog].

Still hotter than ever! You can purchase his Hot House movies, such as Head Hunters 2 and Skuff 4, here.


Anonymous said...

They have another scene together in the Backroom at Hot House.

Sue said...

Yeah, it is Gus of My Dreams, and I have already posted it: