Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Five Questions: Samuel Colt


As the first exclusive model to be signed to Mustang in three years, Samuel Colt comes with a lot of buzz. But with his gym-pumped (and competition-worthy body), hairy chest and aggressive bedside manner, he more than proves he's worth the hype. Though none of his movies have been released yet, you can see why Mustang snapped him up in this month's issue of Men magazine, which hits the stands today. And as an extra-special bonus, we've got an exclusive Five Questions interview with him for you...

1. So you used to work as a webmaster for Hot House, and you're friends with Raging Stallion director Tony DiMarco, but you're just now getting into porn. What the hell took you so long?
Tony DiMarco asked me to be in his movie and I said, “No, but I’ll be a non-sexual extra.” But then the next day I was, like, “Well, let’s talk about it.” So he scheduled me to do something—I’d kind of been thinking about it around that time anyway… All the hesitations I had for why I didn’t want to do it didn’t apply anymore. Things like I wanted to have a full-time job, and I wanted to be confident with who I was as a person, not have a drug problem… All that stuff had been resolved, so he asked me to be in The Visitor, but I got sick like a week before the shoot and wasn’t able to do it. But the funny thing is that when I said yes to him, Steve Cruz found out and booked me for Green Door, so I ended up doing, like, four scenes in two or three weeks, and none of them were Tony’s. (Scene with Tyler Saint for Jimmy Z., and Jet Set.) I wasn’t nervous really. The big thing I was concerned about was, “Am I going to be able to stay hard?” But it was really good. It came out fantastic.

2. You were a philosophy major in college. So, apply your philosophy to porn.
[Laughs] It has a lot to do with human nature and the philosophy of erotic love, which I studied a lot. Just the different passions and connections that people have cerebrally. I think the big part of it is that it’s a vehicle to explore the dark parts of yourself and any fantasies and fetishes you might have. I have a dark side to me, which is why the studios wanted to work with me. I’m like a Tom of Finland character come to life.

3. You were a runner-up in the Mr. IML competition this past May. Do you consider yourself to be a fetishist?
Maybe a little. Whenever I put it on it makes me hard. It makes you feel really masculine and powerful. And it’s hot looking. It's like, I just want to go out and find some guy in a sling and have my way with him. But I'm not real kinky otherwise, though I was dating this guy who really liked me to jerk off into his butthole, which was pretty hot. There was enough room for me to fit my hand and my dick inside him and be able to jerk off. He was kind of loose. [Laughs]

4. If there was one guy in the industry you’d really like to work with, who would it be and why?
I have the thing for guys that don't speak English as a native language. How's that for a fetish? In fact, my friends joke that if English is not your native language there’s a 95% chance that I’ll be interested in them. [Laughs] Manuel DeBoxer is smoking hot—and he's French-Canadian. Marco Blaze is from Argentina, so yum. And don't even get me started with Germans. Logan McCree has been in my crosshairs for a while, but he knows that. Too bad he's a Raging Stallion exclusive! [Laughs]

5. Tell me one hot sexual fantasy you have.
This is kind of weird, I always wanted to be blasted into the future and get raped by a bunch of Borg. I recognize this really is just a fantasy. It'll probably never happen—though I guess I could start hanging out at Trekkie conventions and cruising the toilets. Beam me up, Scotty!

Hat tip: Steve Cruz

Samuel can also be found on the cover of the August's issue of Men Magazine:

For more NSFW and extremely hot sneak peaks, go here.


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I am in awe of this guy! Just can't get enough.

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