Monday, July 27, 2009

Miniata Groupers, Chinese Wetmarket, Singapore

This watercolor painting is called Miniata Groupers and is from the Singapore series. Click to enlarge.

It is based on this photograph that I took on my trip to Singapore in 1996 at the Chinese Wet Market. This was a tank of live miniata groupers.

The painting was an exercise in watercolor washes and gradients and was tons of fun. I drew the tank and fish and then painted the water and the painting sat for a long time before I got up the nerve to paint the fish. But once I got started, I was okay and couldn't stop.


Pick said...

Nice job Sue. I'm envious, I can barely draw stick figures. That's no exaggeration either. lol

Sue said...

Thanks Pick!

Doug said...

Love this. I especially love the way you captured the perspective of the fish that's turned away from us on the lower right

Sue said...

Thanks Doug!

Anonymous said...

I believe that your art frees you
in some way and taking brush to canvas again has made a part of
you that had been held back come back
to life.
I love the fish and the Oriental slant to it. It dserves a Haiku
but then I was never good at that.

Your Prairie friend Jim

Thonnibg said...

Wonderful work!

Sue said...

You are so right Jim! I feel reborn when I paint. I feel whole again. I feel free and powerful! I can't say enough about how it makes me feel to be able to create these beautiful things with my own hands and then let them go. I feel so blessed! Thanks for sensing that!

Thanks Toni!