Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Stag Homme's "Fresh Meat" Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

Stag Homme Studios introduces Brazilian newcomer Peter Fill in in his porn debut, "Fresh Meat", starring Pedro Andreas. Our latest feature is a straight-up fuck flick taking place in a hot tub overlooking the Spanish urban jungle.

Caught on film by Damien Crosse. Action Stills by Francesco D'Macho.

Andreas is back! He has been resurrected to his prior glory by his gorgeous new muse, Peter Fill, who physically resembles Michelangelo's David. Peter's skin is as smooth and flawless as the Carrara marble used for the statue. His muscles are taut and cut and his bubble butt is white as snow; I bet you could bounce a quarter off that thing! Peter's strong brow makes me wonder if he has some Roman ancestry somewhere in his past. I must say, Andreas has an eye for young male beauty in falling for this swain!

Andreas on his knees before the new conqueror of his heart.

Michelangelo's David

Here we see Andreas at his finest once more; lounging back with his arms and legs stretched out and allowing Fill to bounce up and down on his hard cock, gently splashing the water in the hot tub as he does. Andreas gestured to Fill that he wants a kiss and Fill leans forward to comply.

Andreas gets down to business and pounds Peter's pretty butt while Peter makes his "o" face. I was so mesmerized by this scene, I wanted it to last forever! I loved Andreas' hands on Fill's white butt, then behind his head. The chemistry between these two was palpable and made the film exciting.

In all, "Fresh Meat" is a terrific little fuck film! Andreas is back with a vengeance, and with him is his gorgeous muse Peter Fill, whom I don't think anyone will soon forget as he makes his first mark on the industry with aplomb. The camera work was uniquely done and I liked how the camera was above the couple and looking down into the tub, so that I could see the city surrounding them which added to the atmosphere of the film. The obligatory closeups were captured as well as the pool splashing, which was very nice. The action stills are quite compelling and as a matter of fact, I am using one of them for my desktop wallpaper, which is a very high complement indeed. I might be watching this film more than once. Um, even twice. Or more. Er, a few times. Or so. Maybe I should be quiet now and just hit the publish button.


LUCIEN said...

That is one POWERFULLY talented bottom boy

Sue said...

I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

He is living in Rio Now. I will fuck his ass in october.