Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cristiano Meets Roberto Bolle

From Cristiano's blog:

Finally I met my ballet idol ! Last night my friend Irina Dvorovenko, Russian principal of the American Ballet Theater, invited me to the Met to see her performance as Juliet next to Italian ballet dancer sensation Roberto Bolle. It was the first time for her to dance next to him. It was pure love and elegance ! The crowd went crazy with a standing ovation of half and hour ! Imagine the Russian technique of Irina and the passion and masculine stage presence of Roberto ... the best Romeo and Juliet I have ever seen ! Both of them not only are amazing dancers but also incredible actors. The chemistry was there.. they were in love on stage. After the show I met both backstage and of course I melt when I talked ( in Italian ) to Roberto. He is so adorable!

Go to Cristiano's blog to see a video of the Dance of the Knights with Roberto Bolle.


Cristiano Mancini said...

Wow, thank you Sue for the tribute. It was a special night for me ! Meeting two major stars of the ballet world was a dream come true . Roberto is talented, handsome and extremly charming.Oh Dio mios...

Sue said...

De nada, Cristiano! Ballet is so enchanting - I only wish I was there with you for this special evening!