Thursday, July 23, 2009

Samuel Colt: Caught in the Sling

From Samuel Colt's blog:

This week I went to Steamworks in Berkeley to be a guest of the Tim & Roma Show. Despite needing to get up at 6am (I'm NOT a morning person), we had a GREAT time and it was a true pleasure working with Tim, Roma and the crew. I'm not sure when the episode goes live but a small sneak preview is up on The Sword already.

Check it out!


Stan said...

Every time I here about "sounding" I think about the times I've been catheterized in the hospital. Not fun. I'll pass thank you.

Sue said...

Yeah, even the way he explains it makes me shiver.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
that give me the creeps to. I dont judge others but I sure dont get that.

Your Prairie friend back from his
trek across the Dartmoor and heavens
knows what other moor. :)

sobehotfun said...

There are easier and safer ways to get off. Thank goodness.

Sue said...

Thnaks for commenting Jim and sbhf! I post it because I know that there are other fetishists that are into this, and because Samuel is really a hot man!