Monday, July 13, 2009

Gay Pride Madrid '09

Here are photos from Pedro Andreas' blog. I have restrained myself from posting them all, so go there and check the rest out.

I love this one, of the two angels, Andreas and Orlando reflecting together.

Isn't this a great shot? It is taken from the parade float looking down the Calle at the mob of people.
Matthew Rush, Francesco, Orlando and Damien.

Sagat with pals.

Francesco, Damien, a friend whose name I don't know, Orlando and Andreas.

I think that is Peter Fill in the video, dressed as an angel.


carolmoni said...

are you sure that one is fill? why he is not at the other pictures?

Sue said...

I am pretty sure, but I am hoping that Andreas will verify it for me.

LUCIEN said...

Sue - please let your pal Andreas that his new partner is WAY WAY WAY talented in their latest DVD . The ultimate powerbottom !

Sue said...

I will Lucien!