Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Samuel Colt's Falcon Interview

From Samuel Colt's blog:

From the Falcon Studios Blog:

Samuel Colt is a beefy hunk appearing for the first time anywhere in the highly anticipated third and final chapter in Mustang’s “RGB” series, Green Door. His debut scene is a sizzling and aggressive encounter with fellow newcomer Alessio Romero.

[Severely Excerpted]

F: Is there one sexual experience that sticks out in your mind as being particularly mind-blowing or hot?

S: Hmmm, not sure I can narrow it down. Scenes that involve bondage or restraints are hot. Once a guy blindfolded and suspended me so that I wasn’t touching the floor. Then he sucked me off. It was an amazing orgasm!

F: Is there something about you that would surprise our readers?

S: You mean like “I have 10 cats and they’re all named after Days of Our Lives characters”? Nah, I’m an open book. Everyone knows it all. No secrets here.

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