Sunday, July 05, 2009


Sigh. I am in Columbus, Ohio. We drove here Thursday to visit Sean's relatives. We were on the road all day for two days, and the first relative did not have internet (gasp!) and now we are at his other brother's house where there is internet, but everybody was watching Wimbledon and we are going to the zoo this afternoon, so there is no time for me to blog. (Sad now.)

So many things are happening in the big bright gay world and I am missing them!!! We plan to head home tomorrow and I will be back to blogging by Tuesday or Wednesday the latest.


Thonnibg said...

I was wondering where you disappeared,Sue:)

Have a nice stay in Columbus!

Pick said...

I've missed you ... you're one of my anchors on here since I found your blogs.

Enjoy your visit and enjoy your rest from the internet for a few days.

I found it odd when I was in Toronto in May not to be able to just go online to check email etc. but at the same time it was nice in an odd way. Hope you're enjoying at least a small feeling of rest from that rather than anxiety of not being able to check your accounts.

I look forward to lots of posts when you return!

Have a fun few days and safe travels!

YvesPaul said...

Have fun, Sue!

Cristiano Mancini said...

Come back to civilization ! We missed you !

Stan said...

I lived in Columbus for about 6 years working at Ohio State University Hospitals. One of the best working and learning experiences of my life. It's a pretty cool city with some cool folks that live there.
Haven't been back there since '85 though so I'm sure it's changed. Enjoy your stay.

It is pretty though driving through Pennsylvania. Have a safe trip back.

Peter said...

Emjoy your few days off, before you know it you're back in the race!

Have missed your posts for the last 6 weeks while I myself was on the road.