Saturday, July 18, 2009


You heard right! I've got clivia, and now my mother has it too! It was all my fault! I gave it to her for her birthday! It must be communicable! Alert the CDC!

Oh. It is just a flowering plant. Oops.

And quite a pretty one at that. Below is a photo of my Prince of Orange clivia blooming finally after I repotted it. I had worried that it would never bloom. (Click to enlarge.)

You can see the fruits from last year's flowers still on the plant. I know, you are supposed to cut them off, but they add color and I like them. So I left them on. Isn't the Moroccan pot I put it in beautiful? Too bad, it may have to be destroyed when I move the plant to a bigger pot sometime in the future, as the roots really grow tight to the pot. I had to destroy the last pot it was in. The root ball was a solid knot of roots without dirt. They love being pot bound to the max.

Below is my mom's clivia that just bloomed after I gifted her with it.

It is a common orange one. I am jealous because her's is smaller than mine and already has a baby plant on it. Clivia jealousy. Now I've heard of everything.


Thonnibg said...

So,so beautiful!And its pot is like a pice of art.
I have an Oriental Stargazer Lily that bloomed a week ago but I missed the oportunity to take a photo of it.

I see you have also a sansiviera and a banana.Would love to see all your plants and flowers:-)
And the porch looks very beautiful too,Sue!

Pick said...

Hey, isn't *that* where gay guys like me fear to tread? ;o{)

In all seriousness though ... SO beautiful!!!

Sue said...

Toni - yes the pot is hand painted and the store where I bought it does not carry them any more. Sigh. I suppose one would have to travel to Morocco to get one. :( I also have passion flowers that should be blooming, but are not. I am very dissappointed in them.

Pick - yes, you are right! Thanks!

Stan said...

Beautiful plant! I've got a pot bound Bird of Paradise I need to work on repotting but it's so huge it's going to be quite an undertaking.

Doug said...

Well now you have an excuse to visit Morocco, to buy a pot. Lovely flowers, I think my mom has or used to have one of those.

Sue said...

But we have no $$$$. The $$$ woes continue. Such is life. We may not even be able to afford Rome next year. :(

Stan - repotting a large plant is a challenge! I had a barrel cactus that I finally had to get rid of because I could not repot it ! It was too big!

AliGunn said...

"Clivia Envy"?
Wait til you see the rare pale yellow and cream flowered forms.

Sue said...

Ali - my sister has a yellow one but I've yet to see the cream colored ones. :)

LUCIEN said...

Sue - they are so brilliantly lovely -Even the greenry is statuesque
Do the grow well in direct sun and the high heat like the Southern USA from which I hail