Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nick MorettI Asks "Physical Therapy or BDSM... What's the Difference?"

From Nick Moretti's blog:

I finally started my physical therapy on Friday. Wednesday and Friday for the next month I'll be tortured by a sweet lady at the Rehab Center. She was kind of shy and reserved when I first walked in and I was not going to go through a month of that. So when she asked how I got my injury I told her, "Working out at the gym." Then I leaned in close and whispered, "And I do bondage videos. It takes its toll on you." She looked at me not quite believing and I gave her a big smile and nodded my head. "Bet you never heard that one before?" She laughed and laughed. I finally broke the ice!

After she caused me as much pain as Tyler Saint caused me during our Naked Kombat wrestling match, she came at me with an E-stim machine. As she attached the pads to my shoulder she asked, "Have you ever had this done to you before?" I smiled and she already knew she shouldn't have asked me that. "Umm... ya. Only it's usually turned up to the max and put in some very inappropriate place." I bet she's looking forward to our session tomorrow morning.

The video above [below] is part of the at home pysical therapy I did last night. Gotta say I've done more exciting things in my bed. McFlurry incident is not included on that list.

Hmm... I think he filmed himself doing those exercises in the nude just to get posted on somebody's blog! Hey!

DAMIEN (from 2 Cents Worth Down Under) knows the answer to the question:
What is the difference between BDSM and PT?

The answer is: In BDSM there is a safe word!

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