Monday, July 13, 2009

Fair View Celebrates 207 New Countries!

Sigh. It is another new country. Well, new to Fair View, that is. We are honored to welcome Lesotho. We do so formally by presenting their flag:


Welcome to all natives of Lesotho! Come on in, set a spell, take your shoes off! Do come again, ya hear!


Peter said...


The world of nations is growing, officially there are 194 nations and 10 not [yet] recognized countries. [BTW, I didn't know Europe was a country, same goes for the Asia/Pacific and the British Indian Ocean region but your counter does think so].

Sue said...

Yeah, I gotta go with the counter. Sigh. But that only adds up to 206??? But then there are territories and such. I wonder how many we will end up with? I keep hoping that it will stop... But then there is another! and Lesotho is a REAL country; there is no disputing that.

Thonnibg said...

Yeah Lesotho is a very nice country inside South Africa.I`ve seen a documentary about it.

I too wonder what do the NeoCounter and SiteMeter mean by the European Union as a separate country??