Thursday, July 09, 2009

Paul & Ross in Guys of My Dreams

I have met these two (Paul Wagner & Ross Hurston) in person, and I am so glad that Hot House is allowing them to make films together! It warms my heart! Sigh! Aren't they beautiful together? Ah, love...

Hat tip: Attempted Entertainment


Damien NZ said...

Are they dating?

Sue said...

Well, they do live quite far apart, Paul in LA and Ross in London and Manchester, England, and that makes traditional dating tough. But, when they are together, such as at F & D's wedding in May, they are really TOGETHER, if you take my meaning and I was witness to that. I observed that they were quite fond of each other at that time. I don't think that feelings like that change all that quickly unless there is a spat.

However, Toni seems to disagree and claims to have a reliable source.