Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fantasy - Ecuadorian Equinox Part 8

Previously posted November 9, 2007

“How sick is he?”, asked Austin.

“Señor medico William is very sick. He is throwing up, has a fever and a headache.”, answered José.

“Will he be able to continue walking tomorrow?”

“We will have to wait and see, Señor. Some recover from altitude sickness very quickly and others take longer.”

“That’s great. Just great.”

Just then, they heard retching from the tent where William was. At least they made it above the tree line today. They only had to scout for mosses now. Austin decided he would not radio the base camp with William’s condition unless it did not improve tomorrow. But what could be done about it? They would have to stay up on the mountain until he recovered enough to walk himself down or continue to work anyhow. José prepared their dinner. Rice and passion fruit. With William sick, they did not have time to hunt or fish.

The inside of the tent smelled like vomit. But, that night, both Austin and José thought of their fiancées back home. José thought of his soft skinned Trella and his little mushroom headed cock got hard. Austin thought of his red haired Diane and got a woody. The tent was a bit close to jack off in. Austin went outside as if to pee and thought about her bouncing tits and tight fire crotch milking his rock hard cock, and jacked himself off as quickly as possible. Tomorrow’s problems were just that; tomorrow’s problems. He went back into the tent and fell sound asleep.

* * *

Pete was grilling his spitted kapybara over an open flame as Mr. Butterfly and Allen watched.

“This is going to be the best meat you boys have ever had!”, said Pete excitedly as he dusted it with secret spices from a leather drawstring bag in his rucksack.

“Oh, I am sure of that.”, said Allen with irony, winking at Mr. Butterfly.

Soon, the rice and meat was ready and they all sat down to eat.

“Wow! You were right Pete! I don’t know what spices you put on this, but this is the best meat I have ever had!”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“Gee thanks Mr. B. That really means a lot to me coming from you.”

“It is pretty good Pete. I have to admit. Those spices are very tasty. What are they?”

I’m not telling. They are my secret blend that I bought from an old spice lady in Islamabad. She made them just for me. I don’t think she would have thought I’d be using them on a huge rodent though.”

The meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all three. Allen got up to serve strong coffee with passion fruit for desert. When all of the food and coffee was gone, they all sat back satisfied. Pete excused himself to go to bed saying that he felt really sleepy. He went back into the tent and in no time he was out cold.

“So, that was the best meat you ever had?”, asked Allen.

“That depends on what you are talking about.”

“I see.” Allen leaned forward for a kiss. They kissed briefly. The young explorer was hesitant.

“What if Pete wakes up and sees us?”, asked the young explorer.

“He is out cold. I drugged him. It was in his coffee.”

“You did?”


“But what if we need him to protect us?”

Ecuador is a relatively safe place. I was here last year and we never needed security. Security presence is more of a deterrent for bandits.”


Allen leaned forward again for a kiss. This time they really kissed with full open mouths and Allen sucked on the young explorer’s tongue good and hard. The young explorer sighed when he thought about how this would feel on his cock. Allen put his hand on the young explorer’s member and found it erect.

Allen said “Maybe we should retire to our sleeping bags.”

“Yeah, maybe so.”

So they got up from the fire spit and entered the tent. Their sleeping bags were in the back of the tent. They pulled them together and began to undress each other. Once naked they got onto the large joined sleeping bag. Allen headed right down to give the young explorer a blow job. Holy shit it felt great. Allen slobbered all over the young explorer’s penis, then his nut sack, perineum, and then finger fucked him. Quickly his finger found his prostate and stroked it in time with bobbing his head up and down on his penis. The young explorer wouldn’t last long under this assault. He laid back all a quiver, his muscles twitching, fingers and toes curling and uncurling; he was really close. He heard a condom being donned and next thing he knew he was being fucked for real by Allen, who was holding his legs up in the air and thrusting away madly. He opened his eyes to see the rapturous face of Allen above him grunting. Allen lowered his face suddenly to thrust his tongue into the young explorer’s mouth as he came up into the condom. Then Allen grabbed the young explorer’s cock and said “Now it is your turn to come.”

That did not take long. Allen tweaked the young explorer’s nipple hard and thrust his tongue into his ear as he stroked his cock to eruption. The young explorer came with a final exclamation of release that sounded more animal than human. The young explorer opened his eyes slowly to see Allen looking at him triumphantly almost like at a conquest. He shook that thought off as silly.

“Gee, that was splendid Allen.”

“I thought you would like my meat better than Pete’s.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far…”

“Why you little…!”

And they began to tussle in a mock and friendly way. Tired and sweaty, they decided to rest at last. There were only the sounds of the rainforest to guide them in their sleep.

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