Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Trap

From Bruno Bond's blog:

I am pleased to announce that Raging Stallion has released 'The Trap!'
This is a special movie for me because, in addition to being one of the Stars and the Art Director, I also helped develop the concept with Director Andrew Rosen and I did all of the camera work (with the exception of the scenes that I am in which were shot by my friend and co-worker, Tony Dimarco)! For fans of Raging Stallion, this is a must have in your collection.

From Raging Stallion Studios:

The TRAP is the journey of a sexually innocent man who follows a handsome stranger and takes an unexpected trip down into the depths of San Francisco�s underground. Directed by Andrew Rosen, in cooperation with MaleStockroom.com who provide the gear, wear and toys for this movie, take you along as RSS Exclusive Junior finds more than just PG&E guys are down under our streets. This is not your average sex club. Not only do these men have great sex, but they are very passionate with each other often combining deep kissing along with the rough and energetic fetish sex. In the club, we find everything from light bondage to dildos; vacuum pumping and fetish wear. The Trap has an all star sexy muscular cast starring Junior Stellano, bottoming for the first time on film, Bruno Bond, Antonio Biaggi, Ricky Sinz plus 7 more hot studly men. The Trap is a metaphor for a concept called �Sexual Progression�. In the exploration of sex there is an excitement as we go deeper in the mind and body to uncover hidden desires and explore new levels of the sexual experience. As Junior descends into the club, he starts with an experience he knows, oral sex. When challenged to take it further, he hopes that Bruno will be his mentor through his experience at the Trap. He follows Bruno, but by the time he is ready Bruno is gone and Junior is left to find his way on his own. As he continues to descend he learns there are other less mainstream sexual acts to try. Even though he personally is not ready to try most of the activities he does open up to trying a few new things. At the end we wonder, will he be back to try a few more.

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Thonnibg said...

The movie looks great!Loved the trailer.