Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fantasy - Part 13, Ecuadorian Equinox

Previously posted December 14, 2007

Packing at base camp was complete and the discussion as to who would leave began. All non ex-military personnel were to go, but Mr. Butterfly refused to leave Dr. Fairview behind. There was an impasse. In the end, José drove William and a sedated Allen back to Quito in the Land Rover with all of the equipment and supplies.

They had all agreed that Mr. B could come along with the ex-Marines to the camp at 3200 meters north, but would not be pandered to if he could not keep up the pace or if he came down with altitude sickness. He had to keep up with them or be left behind. Chuck was going to lead Austin and Mr. Butterfly to the camp at 3200 meters north where they would stay to rendezvous or support Pete and Oscar. Chuck and Austin were fully armed with machine guns and automatic pistols. Mr. Butterfly was allowed to carry a hunting knife and told to keep his head down.

As Chuck already knew the way, he led them uphill and north at a fair trot. Mr. Butterfly had done some running and hoped that it would pay off now and he would be able to keep up. The pace was not that fast, but it was at higher altitude than he was accustomed to. He felt pretty good at this pace. So they continued for the better part of the day.

Towards sundown they reached the camp at 3200 meters north without any problems and occupied it. Chuck noticed the outcropping of rocks overlooking the camp and decided that that was a great place to guard the camp from and volunteered to take first watch. He hauled himself up there and held his machine gun close by. Austin and Mr. Butterfly got into the tent and saw the sleeping bags zipped together.

Austin dragged the joined bags out of the tent, looked up at Chuck and said “Yo Chuck, what’s up with this orgy sized bag dude?”

“What does it look like? I needed to do that to make my move on the sexy Dr. Fairview.” Then he grinned lasciviously.

Mr. Butterfly could not stand another minute of this bullshit. “You are so full of it Chuck. She wouldn’t give the likes of you the time of day, much less sleep with you!”

“Yeah, I gotta go with Mr. B here Chuck. You are just a lying sack of shit.”

“Whatever. Believe what you will.”

“You are gonna catch hell when she and Oscar are here to say otherwise.”, replied Austin.

Chucks pea brain worked hard on that for a moment or two and decided that they had a point. “Oh okay. I give in. We just did it to keep Dr. Fairview warm at night. Nothing happened.” Then he grumbled to himself “Not that I didn’t try… but that fucking bitch thought she was too good for me.” Fortunately Austin and Mr. Butterfly could not hear the last part.

Austin had dragged the joined bag back into the tent already. “I dunno Mr. B; do you think we should leave it this way?”

“It would be warmer and the temperature is dropping up here at night.”, replied Mr. Butterfly.

“Yeah, where we were at the south camp it got chilly in the cloud forest. But we never thought of sharing our body heat. It just never occurred to us. It’s not like we would have to take off our clothes or anything, just being in the same bag would help.”

“It is okay with me if it is okay with you.”

Austin replied “Let’s do it then.”

So, they both climbed into the joined bags. Pretty soon, Austin began thinking about his fiancée back home and how he missed her, his redheaded Diane, his fire crotch Diane. It didn’t take long and he had a woody. But he couldn’t excuse himself to go outside to jerk off because Chuck was out there and would see him. Mr. B was not sleeping yet. Fuck, what was a boy to do to get off around here? He snuck his hand down in his pants, god he wanted to stroke himself so badly, but Mr. B would hear. He sighed deeply.

“Well that was a really deep sigh, care to talk about it?”, asked Mr. Butterfly.

“I’m just missing my girl back home so badly.”

“What is her name?”


“Tell me about her.”

“She is a redhead and really built.” Here Austin sighed really deeply again. “She has huge soft titties, a tiny waist and a fire crotch. God when I am inside her she just milks my cock dry. It feels amazing.” He paused. “I don’t know why I am telling you all this personal shit…

“Because you miss her so much, that is why.” The young explorer put his hand on Austin’s shoulder to comfort him and was a bit surprised when Austin came in for a full hug. It just so happened naturally. The young Marine sobbed quietly in his arms. The young explorer could tell that close up that Austin was erect. As if by habit, his hand went down to the other man’s erection. When Austin felt the young explorer’s hand he looked up suddenly at Mr. B’s face with shock, but what the young explorer was doing felt so good, that he just closed his eyes, relaxed and pretended it was Diane.

Austin lay back as the young explorer went down into the sleeping bag, unzipped his camos and went down on him. He just pretended that the experienced blow job he was getting was from his redheaded gal, Diane and not a man. He pictured her swaying tits and her bright red curly bush, the lips of her labia around his engorged member.

The young explorer was in heaven too. Austin was a young, healthy Marine. You know, the few the proud. What a gorgeous cut cock he had surrounded by curly pubes. What a body! He was in perfect shape! You could do laundry on those abs! But, he concentrated on the blow job. Slobbering more than needed and trying not to make it seem too gay, so that Austin would have an easy time pretending it was from his Diane. The young explorer knew the score, Austin was straight, and always would be. This was just a personal little part of his fantasy of blowing a straight guy. God, it was hot! He wanted so badly to suck on each of those healthy oval nuts, but would Diane know to do that? Probably not, so he best not too.

Austin began to moan softly and flex his quads and feet. The young explorer knew what this meant. He touched Austin’s balls and they were held right up against his cock ready to unload.

Then softly, Austin said “Oh, I’m gonna shoot!”, as he spurted cum and the young explorer let it fly on Austin’s belly, guiding it with his hand on Austin’s cock. Austin laid back satisfied and ready to sleep.

By then, the young explorer had the hard on of all time and couldn’t wait to relieve himself. He came back up and looked at Austin’s face with closed eyes while he jerked off quickly. Austin pretended not to notice that anything happened.

* * *

It was about sundown when Pete and Oscar made it to the guerrilla leader’s camp where he was holding Dr. Fairview. They were eating passion fruits and the leader was holding his machine gun loosely on her. The plan was decided and Oscar was to make the first move.

“Hola amigo!”, said Oscar with his arms in the air as he approached slowly breaking his cover.

Cristo saw him and swung his machine gun to point at him.

“Lo que hace usted quiere?”, demanded Cristo.

“What do I want? I want to end your suffering. I want the love of a man and I was wondering if you were that man?” Then Oscar undid the belt of his pants and let them drop to the ground, revealing his enormous erection. He continued to move forward, stepping clear of his pants. “I am alone amigo. From the first time I saw you I knew I had to have you. I knew your secret, your deep dark secret. The love that dare not speak its name. Am I right?”

Then Oscar did a little twirl so that Cristo could see his firm ass. “We could tie up Dr. Fairview so that she cannot run and then be together for a while.”

“Or I could shoot you where you stand right now.”, countered Cristo.

“You could, but then you would never know the love of another man. And, might I add, I know how to love a man.”

Cristo gritted his teeth. He was so ashamed that he was gay. But he would not deny himself the love of another man once someone knew. He just could not live denying himself for a moment longer. So, he motioned with his rifle. "Bring Dr. Fairview to the cave hidden behind the vines over there. There is rope over there. Tie up Dr. Fairview tightly, both hands and feet. Put her in there so she cannot see us." He certainly did not want a woman to see his shame.

When it was done, Oscar came back to where Cristo was. They walked off together under the trees away from the cave and found a sheltered spot with moss on the ground. Oscar got finished undressing. Cristo drank in his body. How had Oscar kept his erection this whole time, he wondered? He must really be hot for me he thought. Cristo ran his hands over Oscar’s young and taut body. What great shape he was in. Cristo wanted to share is body’s great shape too. So he took off his shirt, boots and pants too. Oscar didn’t waste any time. He kissed Cristo on the mouth. Cristo was stunned initially, but then opened and kissed back. He was transported. He held Oscar’s face and couldn’t believe it. It was so different than kissing a woman. There was no need for gentleness here. It was all manliness and aggression, hard breathing and tongues wrestling. He was just beginning to like it when Oscar moved down to his neck, then his nipple, delivering a little bite there, oh that hurt but felt good! Then little nibbles down his abs and his pleasure trail to his pubes. Oh, I am so sensitive there! Oh, that feels so good, oh my! He is on my penis, sucking, oh god, he has it all in his mouth. I have to lie down, I feel faint.

So Cristo sat down on the moss, taking Oscar with him. Oscar stayed with him, continuing to blow him. Oscar licked a couple of his fingers and probed Cristo’s ass with them. Cristo just moaned and lifted his legs to give Oscar better access. Oscar was able to push one finger into Cristo’s asshole and find Cristo’s prostate. Then he got two fingers in. Oscar whispered to Cristo “Do you want me to fuck you now Cristo?”

“Ah dios si!”

Oscar already had a condom handy and donned it tout de suite. Then he grabbed Cristo by the waist and rolled him over onto his hands and knees and began to rub his massive cockhead on Cristo’s asshole. A minute later, he got the head into the sphincter. He gripped Cristo’s hips and pushed his way in. Cristo grimaced in pain, grunted, but did not cry out. It took time, involuntary tears and pain on Cristo’s part for Oscar to get in all the way. But once he was in, the pleasure started for Cristo. It was one of those hurts so good things. Oscar varied his pace, pumping slowly, then quickly to maximise pleasure for both of them. He wanted to make sure that this was the best lay of Cristo’s life, because he knew that it might be Cristo’s only lay. Who knew what the future might bring to the guerrilla leader?

He slapped Cristo’s ass and said “Do you like that bitch?”


* * *

So I was all tied up in the cave. I didn’t want to see Oscar and Cristo making whoopee anyhow. I just hoped it was a plan to cut me loose. Then I heard somebody coming into the cave.

“Shh. Sue, it is me, Pete. Just keep still and I’ll have you outta here in no time.”, said Pete as he cut the ropes off of me.

“Well, Pete thank god. I am so glad you are here. Let me hug you!”

“Let’s get out of the cave where there is more room.”

So we got out of the cave and hugged quickly. He was meaty and hot. And strong. I was turned on.

“Keep down; we have to get out of here. Let’s find out how Oscar is doing. I think they are over this way.”

He led and I followed. We heard them before we saw them. We were coming down from a rise and they were below us. We got down on the ground in a prone position. Pete aimed his machine gun.

“Pete, you’re not just going to shoot Cristo, are you?”

“No, but I thought it prudent to have a bead on him just in case. He is armed you know. I’ll not have you questioning my business Dr. Fairvew.”

“Sorry.” I said contritely and I felt a bit stupid for questioning him.

“Apology accepted.”

Just then, another guerrilla entered the jungle and saw Cristo and Oscar and what they were doing. He looked shocked to see what was happening.

“Bájese de Cristo! Pare esto!”, the new guerrilla shouted. He raised his machine gun as if he was going to shoot Oscar.

The couple froze in midfuck.

But a shot rang out from right beside me; Pete had shot the new guerrilla dead.


Stan said...

Good ole' Mr. B going down on Austin! Giving a straight guy a blow job and him loving it is so hot! LOL! Cristo must have been in heaven when he got used to Oscar's cock. Geez there's so much fucking going on on these expeditions when do they get around to doing some work? LMAO!

Sue said...

So glad you are enjoying my story Stan! Thanks!

Ray Avito said...

Whoa, now there's what you call a deflowering to remember! Huge cock, gunshots...

Oh, Chuck. tsk tsk That shell is just begging to be cracked.