Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barry, a.k.a. Paul Wagner, with Rylan

From Sean Cody:

Barry gets fucked! By Rylan!

Barry has said that he's versatile, but I don't think that taking Rylan's huge cock was easy for him. I'm always really excited when I get to pair a lean top with a beefy bottom — especially when the lean top is super hung!

For a big guy, Barry has a pretty tight hole and getting Rylan's big pole up there was no easy feat!

Barry told me afterward that it was one of the most intense fucks he's ever had!

Get the downloads here.


Anonymous said...

I used to love the Sean Cody stuff but it all became a bit twinky and air polished for me at some stage.... I got into all the naughty fisting bareback stuff with man yelps and grunting whoredom! (only bareback porn, not barebacking myself). AM I A GUTTER WHORE SUE!?!?

Say it's so! lol

Sue said...

Yes Tom you are and that is why we love you!!!