Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fair View Celebrates 208 New Countries!

Sigh. It is another new country. Well, new to Fair View, that is. We are honored to welcome Jersey. We do so formally by presenting their flag:


Yo, nice flag Jersey! Now, you might say, where the hell is Jersey, I've never heard of it! Here is a map showing where it is:

It is one of the Channel Islands. Um, I hope they all aren't countries!

Welcome Jersey! Hope you come back now, y'hear!


YvesPaul said...

Yeah, but I know tons of people from Jersey. lol.

Stan said...

Greetings Jersey! Welcome! from New Jersey!

Sue said...

I knew you guys couldn't resist! I had a hard time resisting the joke myself!

Anonymous said...

I thought Jersey was a territory of the UK? Did it escape?!

Sue said...

The explaination is in Wiki and is very complex. Read it for yourself, because I cannot begin to explain it to you Tom. Jersey belongs to "The Crown" along with the Jewels. Sounds dirty, doesn't it???