Monday, September 14, 2009

Barry, a.k.a. Paul Wagner, and Fuller

From Sean Cody:

Now that Fuller has had the experience of being both a top and a bottom, he's pretty quick to say which he prefers:

"Top!" he said. "Definitely."

When asked about his last experience, he said, "Oh... It was different... A little painful maybe."

Barry just smiled and had that look in eyes: "This guy is cute and I want him to fuck me."

Check out the load Barry blows at the end all over Fuller's chest (and the bed)!

Get the download here.


Thonnibg said...

Such a hot bottom is Paul!

Stan said...

And how! Paul, with his killer body and handsome good looks is awesome indeed!

LUCIEN said...

I would have NEVER thought Paul was the bottom boy. But the butt work sure works for me !