Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sons of Anarchy Debuts with Charlie Hunnam's Naked Butt!

Well, if you missed the premiere of The Sons of Anarchy last night, you missed seeing Charlie Hunnam's delectable butt and his hot full back tattoo in a steamy shower scene! I was stunned into silence! I'm sure he has nothing to hide after his run on Britain's Queer as Folk, in which he played Nathan and more than bared it all in that he also had an onscreen gay sexual relationship.

Along with continuations of the plot that had been established in the premiere season, we see some new factors come alive this season. They are all intriguing, but hey, I just want to see more skin! They say there will be another shower scene towards mid-season.

Here is the preview:


Doug said...

i'm really going to have to watch more scripted TV. I always mean to watch those shows on FX and then forget to.

LUCIEN said...

he really is a gifted and beautifl actor - thanks for this Sue . this man is rare

Stan said...

I missed the premier of this season but I'll try and catch it when they run it again. I like this show too.