Thursday, September 03, 2009

Steve Cruz Condom Roll Out

"Before I got into porn I spent almost a decade working for non-profit organizations spreading messages about harm reduction and safer sex in the gay community. But it wasn't until I became a porn performer when I felt even more on the front line. I noticed an increased pressure from my hook ups to have unsafe sex. The only place I didn't feel this pressure was on a porn set, because the companies I work for require the use of condoms. That's why I campaign to keep safer sex sexy! With my limited resources and information provided by the Stop AIDS project of San Francisco I created Real information for real men in real situations.

In addition I wanted to provide a condom. The gay community has given me so much, I just want to give something back. A year later with generosity of Naked Sword, that is now a reality. There is a lot of different kind of porn out there these days and it's really not my place to judge. When it comes to your real sex life... no matter who you are there is something you can do to keep negative men negative. Use condoms or opt to do things that minimize exposure- no risk activities. Keep it hot without the risk. Visit and find out how!"

Please don't ignore Steve's important message!


David Mason said...

Thats cool and its a cute illustration

Sue said...

Thanks Dave!