Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stag Homme's Blue Collar Man: Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

Stag Homme Studios introduces the young, very hot and masculine Catalonian top, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez, as a plumber in “Blue Collar Man”. Watch Bruno give it to Francesco D’Macho real good with that beautiful and massive piece of his. This never-before-seen stud is a natural that’s got some pretty fucking intense sexual energy!!! He’s so hot into the action that he busts his nut in Francesco’s ass. D’Macho takes out that rock hard piece out of his ass only to suck on that cum-filled condom-sealed cock of his, savoring every moment of it, before sticking it back in his ass for a second round. This is one hell of a fuck scene which has gotta go down as one of the hottest scenes filmed in gay porn. This pornographic masterpiece ends in a really messy cum facial all over Francesco’s face before Francesco takes Bruno’s cock back in his mouth to savour the leftovers.

Yeah, they are not kidding when they say the Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez' cock is massive. Nope. Not at all. It is huge an beautiful. A tool to remember. For sure. I am sure that Francesco will remember it in his dreams. Sigh. Many of us will now that we have seen Bruno put it into action. Twice, no less. Ah to be young. Cum again on that Bruno. I'm rambling...

Best to move on then. What were we talking about? Ah, Blue Collar Man, that was it. It was incredible and you have to see it. I think I covered the main reasons in the paragraph above. But, in case that didn't convince you, there is also Francesco D'Macho giving his world famous blow job and bottoming on a counter top that barely holds him! I thought it was a squeeze for little five feet four inches (1.62 m) old me - wait until you see him on it! Then there are two cum scenes; one that is remarkable for what Francesco does with the cum filled condom, and the second is just plain remarkable! All I know is that I'm not mopping up the floor!

One criticism, because you guys know I can't help myself. The plumber's apron was too new. I could hear the material sizing when it was moving. Especially when Bruno's cock was being pulled out. It needed to be run over with a car, dump some dirt, Drano and car oil on it, and then wash it a few times. Then it would have looked used by an actual plumber.

Otherwise, all production values were terrific as we have come to expect from Stag Homme Studios. Great job guys!

How many kilos of peckers do you think this is?

See it only at Stag Homme Studios


Thonnibg said...

Bruno is one of the most handosme studs you can see in SH videos.
He has such a manly attitude!Pure hotness.Hope to see him in many more SH features.

Cristiano Mancini said...

I feel Francesco really liked this Bruno !

Sue said...

What was not to like Cristiano??? His big fat cock, beautiful face, or ability to cum twice???

Anonymous said...

He has 1.62m hight? That cock is almost bigger then him than.. O.O wow

Sue said...

No anon, that is me who is 1.62 in height; I'm the shrimp!

Anonymous said...

Where does a woeful amateur find a top like this? *GASP*

Sue said...

In Spain Tom, in Catalonia. The capital is Barcelona. Go there and seek hot tops. Many men abound in Spain, I have seen them with my own eyes. MY OWN EYES TOM!!! They are there, waiting for your white Irish ass!

JorgeL said...

Oh My God! Is that real? hahaha, i wish i could find one of these on the street *sight*

Great blog Sue! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

quelle chance Sue ^^ en tout cas, très bon review.

a bientôt

Nicola said...

Very sensual I like how the pictures were taken

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