Friday, September 11, 2009

Stag Homme's Clerks: Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

Being a clerk at a sex shop, with sex videos flashing on screens and horny customers looking to get off, has gotta be tough. You’re bombarded with sex but you can’t get off if you wanna keep your job. But Jean Franko and Francesco D’Macho are two horny clerks that constantly need to get off and don’t give a fuck about keeping their jobs. Watch these two superstars suck each others big fat uncut cocks before Jean Franko pounds the hell out of Francesco with that massive piece of his until he busts his thick messy nut all over his face

Well, this was a very nice T.G.I.F. surprise! I sat with my morning Spanish coffee and enjoyed this clip immensely! That's right, I got addicted to the brew whilst I was in Spain and then had an ordeal finding decaf here in the US. Now it is the only coffee that I find satisfies my taste buds.

Okay, so now as of KAMA SUTRA & CLERKS, Jean Franko has 'done' both our newly weds, Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. I wonder how he would rate them as sex partners? Or would he defer comment to be dipolomatic? Wouldn't those be interesting questions for him?

In this clip, CLERKS, the fun begins with Francesco pawing at Jean's crotch. I was wondering why no one locked the door of the shop. Did they leave it open on purpose? You know, the excitement of discovery as they were in a porn shop to begin with. I would have locked it; I don't like to share. Part 1 is mostly blow jobs, but I could watch Francesco give a bj all day; that is how good he is at it. He has an intensity when he gives one that is captivating. He holds the eyes of the recipient to make sure that they are enjoying it. It makes me wish I had a cock! He gets to do a lot more throating with Jean than most men, as Jean has a sizeable cock.

Part 2 is largely the fucking. And fuck they do! Francesco keeps to his "o" face pretty much the entire time so it must have felt pretty great! Jean must use that big cock of his very well. He pounded the cum right out of Damien in KAMA SUTRA, but he seems to pound his own cum out in CLERKS. There is a terrific cum shot at the end that has to be seen to be believed.

Another great film from Stag Homme Studios starring Internationally know porn star Jean Franko and high production values we've come to expect from this studio. Exceptionally produced and directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho.




Wow sue, so hot, i just love Jean Franko where is he From again, his sikn is so dark, almost like me and am black,lol, this site is so sexy

Stan said...

I believe Jean hails from Spain if I'm not mistaken. I first saw him at Men at Play. He really is a gorgeous man. I love that dark skin and cock of his too.

Sue said...

Thanks Brandon!

Thanks Stan - yeah I think Jean is a Spaniard, his blog is linked to his name.

Mechadude2001 said...

Daym! I thought Kevin Smith made a great Clerks movie. But this is a vast improvement.

Sue said...

Too funny Mechadude! I thought of the Clerks movie too!

Thonnibg said...

Guys Jean is from Venezuela!:)
He has migrated from Venezuela to Spain some years ago.

Sue said...

Toni knows so much about porn stars it is unbelievable! He is the utmost authority on them! Thanks for correcting us Toni!