Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mon Voyage À L'Acadie: Part 11: Moncton & Homeward

Next, mom and I drove down to see our English Canadian relatives in Moncton. Mom took a photo of this floral arrangement in downtown because it is rare to see one that includes cattails. Nice, isn't it?

We went to another seafood restaurant for dinner and there was a view of the Bay of Fundy at sunset when we left. These are some photos I took of it. In the first one you can see two kids playing on a raft if you enlarge the photo.

One day, we drove to Magnetic Hill to buy to some maple sugar candy and fudge. I thougt that the display was rather artful and took this picture:

The fudge was delicious!And the maple cream my mom treated me to was awesomely tasty. I had never had it before. I think she's been holding out on the good stuff all these years.

For all the readers who are not familiar with maple sugar candy, here is a photo of it from the internet. It has a somewhat crystalline consistency outside, but the inside is maple creamy and delicious and melts in your mouth.
Here is a photo of maple cream. My mom waited until I was 53 to introduce me to this drug of choice! Is she mean or what? This great stuff is a hard block of sugary confection that breaks off into chunks of mapley delight that will melt in your mouth. This is what the locals savor, you know, the ones who know what they are doing. It is totally unlike fudge, that dilutes the joy of maple.

On our way out of Canada, we kept our eyes peeled for the small native blue berries and saw a stand. Mom bought a HUGE amount of berries [they freeze well]. But, the muffins I tasted a couple of weeks later were a delight! I hear she also made a pie, but I didn't get any!

We kept talking about getting photographs of moose signs as we were zipping by them in Canada. But we never did. So this one is off of the internet and is from Maine. The ones from Canada were larger and more impressive and asked motorists to report moose sightings were in French.

We dropped Mom off in New London at the ferry and she took this shot of Vasco on the ferry as they steamed their way home to LI. We had a great time, but it is wonderful to get home after a long trip! Doesn't this puppy look happy to be going home?

- finis -


Thonnibg said...

Lovely photos esp that first one!I`ve never seen cattails like these.

I see Vasco`s sigh of relief to finally be home;)

Sue said...

I know! How clever to use them in an arrangement! Thanks for the comment Toni!

Stan said...

Oh man those cattails grow like weeds here in the swamps of NJ if they are the same kind. These seem darker, ours are green. Sue did customs give you a hard time about bringing agricultural stuff in from Canada? I know they can be a pain now what with this Homeland Security bullshit.

Sue said...

Nope Stan! It was all in the trunk. I guess we look pretty respectible. We came into the US at Calais.

Thonnibg said...

The last time I was in Southern France I took from there some bamboo-like plant and pelargonium home.But a week later both of them died:)lol

Sue said...

Yeah, taking plants is a real gamble. Sometimes I think we should keep a memoir of plants we have killed, know what I mean Toni? I go with my brother to greehouses and I go "Yeah, I've killed those!" You just have to laugh.

Thonnibg said...

Lol your right,Sue.
I`ve killed about 7 areca palms:)))
I just can`t grow them and that`s it and I gave up.While I`m pretty successful with my other plants.

nsfw said...

Isn't the magnetic hill wacky !?
And I too have taken the maple cream there... much like taking the waters at Montecatini (or the buffet at Caesar's).
Very glad indeed that you enjoyed your stay here in Canada!