Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mon Voyage À L'Acadie: Part 7: Saint-Léolin & Shippegan

Okay, so now we can discuss our camp in Saint-Léolin. First, let me define what is meant by the word 'camp'. It was a small white house with two bedrooms that was furnished with whatever was on hand, probably from a refuse center [ie: town dump] and the finishing, such as the floor and wall coverings were whatever was to hand, such as leftover floor covering or paneling. So, in all, the look of the place was mismatched as far as furniture and some furniture looked quite ratty. In some places the flooring was bright and shiny and in others not so much. It didn't help matters that in general the place wasn't very clean. At $20 per night, the price was right.

All of this is to be expected in a 'camp' and I was not surprised at all. This was all expected by me. But, my mother, does not CAMP. She walked in and said "What a dump!" She hauled out her iPhone camera and began to snap photos:

This was the dresser in our room. Of it mom said "Grandma was a whore." Of course we got the best room.

Okay, so the other problem was that it was a two bedroom house with one bathroom and their were 9 of us. Nine people cramped into that small camp!!! So we had to be imaginative about sleeping arrangements:

My cousin sleeps in the area between bedrooms and I sleep in a closet [at least it was a big one]. Cousins slept in the kitchen and livingroom too. We slept everywhere exept the bathroom, because that was the busiest room in the house!

But it all worked out just fine and we left the camp many times cleaner than we found it.

Most mornings, mom couldn't wait to get out of there, and this morning we drove to Shippagan and the fleet was in and all decked out the Festival! Click to enlarge.

Here is a three masted sailing yacht that I took a photo of for Sean. It is being single-handedly turned to be rafted to one of the fishing boats.

Here is a closeup of one decorated boat with another off it's bow.

Here is the reverse of that shot.

This shot my mother took with her iPhone. Isn't it beautiful?

We visit the aquarium next - so stay tuned!


Stan said...

I can imagine your Mom walking in like Bette Davis holding, puffing on a cig saying "what a dump!" Your cousin is hot! Remove that blanket please.

Sue said...

Stan - and that is exactly how she said it too! I know he is hot! He gets his looks from his Irish dad, same as his sister, the gal with the tats. You should see his eyes, dark green and mesmerizing. But, as he is family, I had to respect his privacy to a certain degree on the blog, so this is all you get. [I keep all the best photos to myslef.]

Anonymous said...

Hehe That is funny Sue.
Dont we all have relatives in live
in small places but hey as
long as you had a few laughs and a good time.

Your Prairie friend

Sue said...

Thanks Jim!