Thursday, September 10, 2009

THE COBRA: Our most ridiculous / AWESOME item yet at Slick It Up!!!

From House of Vader:

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PERFECTLY FINE! , that is the answer to your question of "How does it stay on?!" Surprisingly you dont need two straps to keep your junk in?! In fact I was running around in only the "The Cobra" and a pair of sunglasses on the set all day, to make the model feel more comfortable of course, and there were ZERO costume malfunctions!!?!
Whats even more amazing is they are a BARGAIN at only 28.00?! Click HERE to get one. I am telling you if you wear this thing it will be all anyone ever talks about for the next six months! PROMISE!!!!!!
ps I also laid out a nice chunk of change because I HAD to make that GIANT GLITTER PURPLE COBRA WITH GLOWING EYES which I will NEVER recoup until I sell about 47 of these things so support the arts and my poor business-manship and BUY ONE!!! :)

The model is Louis Ramos. I have created a label for him so that you may see other times I have posted his photographs. Or, you can go to Pink & Wrinkly and search for "Louis".

Photographer: Aaron Cobbett


Randsome7 said...

Ramoshas a good slick body -nice tight cheeks - its a good piece to severely rip off of him -

Mechadude2001 said...

That is HOT!

Lucien said...

SUe _ i like it incredibly ! and once again Dave pushes the envelope of sexuality and fetish

Sue said...

Dave is a modern genius of our times!