Saturday, September 05, 2009

Marco Da Sliva Featured in Master Painting

From Marco's blog:

In this exceptional painting, [by ROSS WATSON] Da Silva joins Caravaggio's group of youths, in a convincing and harmonious way, who appear comfortable and relaxed in each others company. This is Watson's first reference of The Musicians (or The Concert), from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The artists Berlin bed cover is draped over Da Silva's shoulders, as he engages us, mimicking his friends, head tilting in the opposite direction to theirs.

Caravaggio's painting has been suggested as an allegory of Music, deviating from the standard by painting young boys instead of girls. It contains three figures loosely dressed in more "classical" dress, accompanied by a winged cupid on the left, who gathers fruit. The green-blue of Da Silva's tattoos, is made more distinctive by the contrasting red drapery, and the composition of diagonal lines and tilted heads combine to energize this striking scene of shadow and light.

When Da Silva modeled for this painting in Berlin, he had begun preparing for another tour with Kylie Minogue, and here Watson refers to the sometimes lonely and isolated existence of performers whilst touring - a metaphorical offering of close and trusted friends.

Untitled 19/09 (after Caravaggio, 1596; featuring Marco Da Silva)
Oil on board
85 x 70 cm / 34" x 28"
Framed size: 109 x 94 cm / 43" x 37"
Signed lower left
Approximate price conversions for export: US$26,730 EUR18,590 GBP16,400

Marco makes a fabulous subject for paintings because of his Mediterranean features and characteristic tattoos. This is a lovely painting.

As a further example, here is a detail of a work in the private collection of E. Hirano:

You can see the entire work here. Again, Marco has wonderful features that are compelling for both the photographer and artist alike.

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