Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stag TV: Spanish Summer - Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

Madrid´s first porn house presents porn´s first reality series: STAG TV! This episode, "Spanish Summer", takes you throughout Francesco and Damien´s summer after their wedding; Pedro Andreas moving to Madrid and shooting "Numero Tres", Madrid Pride, their honeymoon in Marrakech and their summer holiday in Barcelona where they shot Jean Franko in "Kama Sutra". This is Stag TV at it´s sexiest, loudest, and most entertaining yet. There´s even a part of the episode that is of the highest interest to all you piss pigs out there. "Spanish Summer" is also jam-packed with pornstars. In addition to Jean Franko and Pedro Andreas you get to see a little of Matthew Rush, Lucio Saints, Manuel Lopez and Orlando Toro.

In this 4th episode of season 2 of Stag TV, we learn behind the scenes details about Numero Tres, that some of us [cough, like me] were astute enough to notice, such as how the door was never locked in the first place allowing bad guys Damien Crosse and Pedro Andreas to just walk right in on their rich victim, Francesco D'Macho. We also get a glimpse of just how Andreas was made to fall in lust with a cold, steel weapon. Plus, Damien got a quick taste too! That boy can't control himself around exposed meat ever!

The tour of Madrid and Barcelona obviates the need for anyone to ever go there it was so comprehensive. I kind of felt like I wasted my time going. Not! But it was terrific as an insider's look can only be and a gay one at that! But why did they not mention Barcelona's nude beaches?

I knew that Jean Franko had to drop Damien while he had him up against the wall! He did, but Damien, much like a feline, landed on his feet! Then Damien, who narrates most of this episode and does a super job at it, reflects on how he has become such a huge bottom. Introspectively, he wonders if it is because of his piss fetish. This is something that was very interesting for me, since I just don't get it and to hear it honestly explained was intriguing.

There is an homage to Madrid Pride and for those of you who have had the joy of being there, you know just what a party and specticle that is to see a whole city rise up in support of gays.

Also, we get a glimpse of the honeymoon in Marakesh and what amazes me is Francesco's interest in foreign currency is much like my own. That is one of my small pleasures in travel is to look at currency prints because the ones in the US are so monotone and ugly. Any way, the hotel in Marakesh is lovely and they are cute to see together. What is not to love when Francesco is lying on the bed on rosepetals, naked, covered in money, wearing limited edition Addidas and a gold watch?

Another superlative Stag TV episode! Great going guys! Terrific job! These should be on mainstream television someplace! That is how high the quality is. I loved the banjo music at the end; nice touch.



Mechadude2001 said...

Those guys are HOT!

Sue said...

Glad you liked them Mechadude!

Cristiano Mancini said...

Sue ,what are we doing here ? We should be there too. I miss my boys so much !

Stan said...

Watching the scenes of Spain's beauty makes me all the more want to go and stay there. *sigh*

Doug said...

Good review Sue. I loved the banjos at the end too.

Sue said...

Cristiano - Let's get our tickets and go! But the boys are coming here soon, non?

Stan - You would love it there!

Thanks Doug! It means so much to me!

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