Monday, September 07, 2009

Mon Voyage À L'Acadie: Part 9: LE GRAND TINTAMARRE

Now, we come to the big goal of my trip, Le grand tintamarre in Caraquet, NB. We had arrived early and the official parade was supposed to begin at 6 PM Atlantic time. So, with time to kill, I walked around and snapped some photos.

Here is a man from the Savoie family. According to his genealogy, he is descended from royalty. He looks it too. I could see him in a crown. But right now, I think he needs another hand.

I am glad I took a photo of these costumed people, because I never did see them again in the parade! Click to enlarge.

Here is a papillion; it looks a bit hot out for a dog today. He reminded me of Joshua, Martin Mazza's puppy [which can be seen at Stag Homme Studios]!

Oh, mom and I did take time for some Caraquet oysters. This handsome young man shucked them for us and they were DIVINE! Raw and firm with briney goodness! Slurp!

There were Acadians from Louisiana at the food court behind the church who were deported there during the horrible times of 1755. They offered very unspicy versions of shrimp etouffe and jambalaya. But, they were inexpensive and filling, so we ate them.

Then it was time and the parade began! OMG! It was so gosh darn noisy! A din for sure! I approached the street and couldn't tell where the parade began and the audience was. It was just a huge, noisy milling crowd of humanity. A crazy, Acadian riot! Out of control! I raised my camera to get a photo of all the commotion.

It was like this one day of the year, August 15, all of these typically reserved Canadian people just let loose and go nuts making noise with airhorns, clackers, maracas, clappers, tambourines, whistles, drums, and what have you.

Also, there was a costume and float contest to liven up the parade. Below, these two fellows figured that drag is always a good bet in costuming.

Here a fiddler adds his music to the din.

These fellows' add their muscles to the costume contest.

Landry and Arsenault are the two Acadian names here. Google them if you want to know more about them!

These two gals are dressed in old timey frocks, but wouldn't stand away far enough for me to capture the pretty hems of their dresses.

The family name here was Mourant, which means to be dying. In their float they featured a dying man who is being administered an IV of tequila! LOL!

This was so much fun! A huge Acadian flag that spanned half the street was passed over the parade and observers and parade marchers had to lift it over with their hands. It was so inclusive and bonding for everybody!

This was an impressive float because the actors were painted white and stayed in character and the boat was so spooky.

This was fun - a ship decorated like those we saw in the fleets!

The Acadians are a very inclusive people as shown by this African man. He and others like him, plus some Acadians played some Rastafarian drum rhythms.

These two ladies were selling maple leaves with Acadian family names on them.

Now, here is a way to get attention - get on top of a cherry picker!

Here I am at the parade [my mom shot this photo with her iPhone and all the rest]! I even joined it for a bit when my cousin invited me to. How could I turn him down? I am not Acadian, my mom's family is Quebecois, but on August 15th, everybody is Acadaian!

Isn't this a colorful shot?

I hope you enjoyed the photos, here is a video of the parade!

Video source: Capcadie, more videos there


Stan said...

Holy Jeez! What a crowd! Sort of reminds me of Mardi Gras. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of good looking men up there either.

Sue said...

Stan- funny you should say that about Mardi Gras, since the Cajuns are direct descendents of Acadians that were deported from Canada in 1755. As a matter of fact, many of the costumes present at the festival were the huge masks that the same as at Mardi Gras.

Yes, about the men, and that is why I photographed them! You should have seen some of the security people! Hubba, hubba! One that stopped me from entering a building was so beffy and gorgeous! YUM!

Doug said...

Looks like lots of fun. Love those spooky people in white!

Sue said...

It really was tons of fun Doug! It was the best day ever in Canada!