Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Darling Laila

This is Laila, my German Shepherd dog, who is just 10 years old. I have thrown a twig out in the water for her and swims out to fetch it.

My darling puppy went on a hunger strike while I was in Canada and lost all energy. Sean thought it was because she missed me. Poor thing. If only they understood that I would be back. But we offered canned food, and the hunger strike ended swiftly. Jenny, her partner in all canine crimes, was so anxious to get to the canned food, that she was literally jumping into the bowl before it was set down.

What a good girl! Here she is coming back with the twig! Oops. She bit it in half and has to go back for the pieces!

Here she comes again with a piece of the broken twig.

"It was here somewhere..."

Isn't she the prettiest doggie you've ever seen? I just taught her a new trick. It is called 'find mommy's pill'. She is brilliant at it when I drop one. Trust me.

Some endangered native vegetation at the watering hole.


Stan said...

What a beautiful animal! Smart too! My neighbors cats go on hunger strikes too when I cat sit for her. I guess like your dog they get mad and upset when you leave them. Their love is so great!

Sue said...

Thanks Stan!

YvesPaul said...

What a darling, loyal to a fault, heart-warming.

Thonnibg said...

Laila is adorable!!!

Ray Avito said...

This is why I love dogs, they love purely and deeply. What a sweetheart...no more starvation Laila!!

Sue said...

Thanks Paul, Toni and Ray! I hope there is no more starvation, but we both go to Rome in March! What will happen then? I will tell the Kennel guy to add canned if there are any problems with eating.

Dillinger said...

LOL that never worked with my dog. You throw a stick in the water and he looked at you in saying " Like Hell I'm going in after that"
But my Dog played football with me. I even got him running basic patterns.

Pick said...

Oh Sue, she's so beautiful and you're making me miss my babies.

Nikko would say "You think I'm going in there? You've GOT to be kidding!" Meghan however would be in the water far before I threw the stick.

One of David's cats has adopted me as her own so that helps with missing my four-footed friends a little.

Sue said...

Pick - I know. When I would travel for work I would miss my dogs terribly. Not so much on this trip though because my mom brought hers and he is very smart. You must really miss yours though. I know just how you feel.

Dillinger - running football patterns is impressive. What kind of dog do you have?

Dillinger said...

I had a Beagle, named him Chance. It seemed everyone took a chance at him before he got to me.
He left 2 years and some months ago.
I've never had a pet since. I've got no time for an animal anymore. Atleast not the kinda a time where I could love them properly. I could always get Sea Monkeys!