Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Scott Tanner Gets 'Dirty'!

It is a must that you go to Steve Cruz' blog and read the full interview of Scott Tanner about the new movie "Dirty"! See all the NSFW photos. Here is just one to whet your appetite:


Oh no! Who is this that Scott is with? Go to Guilty Pleasured to find out...



Stan said...

Scott and Paul sure make a handsome couple! Best wishes to both of them!

Sue said...

Stan - you are correct!

gpcrush said...

Scott and Blu's Dirty scene is up on Falcon's website. Scott in a bandana is hot. I've been calling him the BanTanner! LOL!

Thanks for the shout out! xo

Sue said...

Not a problem Tam!

Anonymous said...

Scott your are my idol....dream with u every night..
Vic from Spain