Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Hot Daddies Celebrate Father's Day

The two hot daddies, Steve and Bruno, take their 'boy', Luke Riley, to the beach after weeks of hard work.

Look at the love as Luke kisses daddy Bruno!

Then, they all take turns taking naps on the rocks. Steve gets comfortable on them...

Bruno reclines against them...

and so does baby Luke.

Oh no! Weiners!

Even the baby boy has one!

This silly ditty paraphrased from Steve Cruz' blog and photos taken from there. There is more silliness there if you care to check it out.


Stan said...

By the looks of things that Luke is no baby! Sue did you know Luke has a blog at:

Sue said...

Stan - right, but as they say on their blog, at 20 yo he is just about baby stroller to them!

I'll have to check out his blog! Thanks!